Images: Cemeteries in Iceland

My haunting fascination with cemeteries continued during my trip to Iceland this past summer. During our two weeks in the country, we stopped at three cemeteries we passed along the way. It wasn’t surprising to me that, in a country dotted with abandoned farmhouses miles and miles from anything else, grave sites would be sparse, simple and personally beautiful.

One of the things I noticed at the grave sites across Iceland was that many of them had small statues of birds on top of them, normally in pairs, and it appears that these are headstones marking couples who have been buried together. I also noticed that, though the grave stones were simple, in addition to these bird statues, the headstones were surrounded by flowers, angel figures, lanterns and other spiritual items.

flowers by headstone in Iceland graveyard


wooden cross in iceland cemetery


cross in iceland


metal cross in iceland cemetery


four graves in Iceland cemetery


lantern in Iceland graveyard


blue glass cross


birds on grave


angles and lantern


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