Once upon a time, this page was overflowing with travel blogs and community sites packed with stories, tips and deals. Over the years, many of the sites once listed here slowly died away, and many others have evolved into something different, just as this blog has.

What I have listed here now are those sites that I genuinely enjoy reading and visiting on a regular basis. Some are related to travel, but others are not. Perhaps you’ll find a few among these that you also find worth your time.

Please do not contact me asking if your website or blog can be added to this list. Your email will be left unread and deleted.

  • A Little Adrift – Shannon finished a round-the-world trip in 2009 but couldn’t stop the travel bug and is still wandering the world. She has an eye toward sustainable travel, which I thoroughly appreciate. Though her blog is updated sporadically, posts are always unequivocally thoughtful and worth reading.
  • Brain Pickings – In-depth thoughts and analysis on literature, culture and society. I often discover books that I’d like to read here.
  • Camels & Chocolate – Kristin is constantly on the go, but she also has a firm home base in Nashville. I love her honesty and the ease in which she shares her adventures both at home and on the road.
  • Colossal – Celebrating beautiful (and often unusual) art, culture and design.
  • The Everywhereist – Geraldine lights up the internet and tells it like it is. Expect brutal honesty in the most wonderful and beautiful way.
  • Free Candie – Candice is cheeky, honest and always getting herself into interesting situations during her travels.
  • Geotraveler’s Niche – Esteemed travel writer and friend Lola trips around the planet and showcases her work through writing and photography.
  • Greater Good – After taking an online course about the science of happiness, I’ve remained interested in happiness research and small actions that can make a big impact on quality of life.
  • Inside the Travel Lab – I have followed Abi, a journalist, for many years as she travels the world on a variety of interesting assignments.
  • Longreads – An excellent curation of essays and narrative writing.
  • Mindful – News, research and insights on mindful living.
  • PostSecret – I’m not sure why, but I find reading other people’s secrets to be interesting.
  • Uncornered Market – Dan and Audrey are thoughtful, responsible travelers, and they generously share what they learn about responsible tourism with the world.
  • Vital Vegas – I no longer live in Las Vegas, but I still turn to Vital Vegas for updates on what is happening in my former hometown.
  • Whiskey Tango Globetrot – A blog by my friend Spencer, who thinks deeply about travel and life in general. Because he lives on the West Coast, he often writes about places near and dear to my heart.