Thoughts on Lockdown: Spring is a Beautiful Thing

A note: Starting April 6 and moving into the foreseeable future, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on lockdown — along with a random photo from more carefree days. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

love graffiti ireland

As of Monday in Kyiv, we cannot be in public spaces without a face mask. We also can’t be outside in groups larger than two people or without proper identification. Kids under the age of 14 can’t be out without an adult. City officials closed all parks, playgrounds, and gathering places.

For a few brief days, Cory and I decided to leave our apartment only twice a week, but that just wasn’t sustainable. So now we go to the grocery store twice a week, but we go for a walk every day. We’re lucky because, even though we live in a high-rise apartment building, there is a neighborhood right behind us. It’s easy for us to drop outside and walk through this neighborhood without encountering too many other people.

We relish this daily walk. With our face masks tight over our noses and mouths, we can’t breathe as easily as we might like, but it’s worth the extra effort.

Because, honestly, it’s so damn beautiful out right now. 

The trees are in full bloom with white and pink flowers. The neighborhood cats and dogs lay in puddles of sunshine. With the extra time, people are doing home improvement projects like mending and repainting fences. Without a lot of activity, there’s a slow, quiet pace of life that makes this walk particularly peaceful.

The other day, we talked about how lucky we are that this pandemic is happening now. Imagine if it was the middle of winter, with its short, dark, cold days. Or the middle of summer when we all have travel plans.

To be sure, there’s no good time for a pandemic. But right now is a fairly ideal time. We wake up to the sun coming through the bedroom window. The air is fresh and clean, and we sometimes even crack the windows. Our walks are comfortable without being stifling. Everything feels fresh, like the winter wrapping is peeling off.

At the very least, the newly sprung spring keeps our spirits up at a time when they could easily be low.

About this photo:

In April 2018, Cory and I met up with one of our adopted foreign exchange students, N, in Dublin, Ireland, for Spring Break. N had been busy at college, and we all needed to a break from our work. Throughout the week, we learned about the fine art of tasting whiskey, hiked along the coast, admired Dublin’s colorful doors, and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with each other again. I took this photo in one of Dublin’s alleys, which was a homage to love. It summarized the way I feel about our special, adopted family.

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