25 Beautiful Things



  1. Songs that match the tempo of a walk.
  2. A random text message from someone you were just thinking about.
  3. Stepping outside to weather that’s even nicer than expected.
  4. An unexpected sale on an item that already costs less than you planned to pay.
  5. Smiling on the inside and knowing it’s showing on the outside.
  6. Vibrant colors in the spring.
  7. A half-empty airplane.
  8. Discovering a new wine.
  9. Back-to-back productive work calls.
  10. Waking up feeling fully rested.
  11. Realizing all those chaturangas you’ve done over the last year have actually done amazing things for your triceps.
  12. Listening to / reading / watching an old favorite song / book / movie and realizing it’s stood up to the test of time.
  13. Taking the stairs and beating the people on the escalator to the top.
  14. Super soft, super fluffy cat fur first thing in the morning.
  15. Reading song lyrics and feeling like they were written about your life.
  16. Falling in love with a new flavor.
  17. Going outside without a coat for the first time in the new year.
  18. A big, refreshing, cool glass of water just when you need it.
  19. Teenage boys who hug their moms / aunts / grandmothers in public.
  20. Transitioning from “jog” to “run” with ease.
  21. Perfectly rounded edges on a bar of soap.
  22. Having “just enough” peanut butter for your toast.
  23. Gifting something you know someone will love.
  24. An audio book read by the author.
  25. Finding a piece of clothing that feels like it was made for your body.

3 Responses to “25 Beautiful Things”

  1. Candice J Walsh

    Songs that match the tempo of a walk. — Listen to Alaska by Maggie Rogers, it’ll put a bounce in your step. 🙂 Love it.

    • JoAnna

      I love this so much, Candice! Will definitely check it out. Sending lots of beautiful vibes back at you!

  2. Kesari

    This was a really interesting post, thanks for sharing your travel experience.


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