An Open Book: What I Read in June

In late May, I attended a travel writing conference and came home with a pile of magazines. I’ve always been a magazine collector, reading articles and then cutting out imagery and words to use in art projects. (Of course, there’s always a bit of research tied in with that process as well.)

Throughout June, I’ve been reading those magazines along with saved news stories and a couple wonderful books. It’s been a nice mix of short stories and long reads, timeless tradition and current content.
Book review

Myths of the Asanas: The Stories at the Heart of the Yoga Tradition by Alanna Kaivalya & Arjuna van der Kooij (5/5 stars)

Three-line review: The first of four books I have to read for my yoga teacher training class, this was an easy introduction into the physical poses combined with the myths associated with yoga. I’ve always enjoyed myths and fairy tales, and these easy-to-read stories were new to me – though no less fantastical than Greek, Roman or Norse mythology. The book did a great job of tying each pose to its respective myth and a larger theme or lesson, so there was something applicable to take away from the reading.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (5/5 stars)

Three-live review: I loved everything about this book: The three-dimensional characters (even if I didn’t specifically like the characters), the dialogue, the pace, the flashbacks, the story. The circus is ripe for interesting action and people, and Gruen did such an excellent job of writing about the circus environment that it almost felt like an additional player in and of itself in the action. Also, her point-of-view writing from the perspective of Jacob as a senior citizen is superb.

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