Shaded Alleys, Latched Gates and Staircases to the Unknown

greece window

It’s never been on my Life List to visit Santorini, Greece, but it is for many people, and understandably so.

The views that have made Santorini famous – the white-washed buildings stacked like Jenga blocks, clinging to the cliff side interspersed with blue-domed church roofs – are famous for a reason.

Yes, this landscape is beautiful and unique. And, yes, I took my fair share of photos, jostling for a prime position along with everyone else hoping to capture the scene.

But let’s be honest here: As impressed as I was with Santorini’s balancing buildings and the view in general, I much preferred what I found around the corners, down the staircases, through the archways and past the crowds.

oia greece

These are the places where flowers grow between cracked walls and locals hang their laundry across tiny courtyards. Where tree roots battle against man-made bricks and rusty locks keep wandering eyes at bay.

blue doors greece

What is behind that gate?

Where does that staircase lead?

stairs santorini

What used to be in that abandoned building?

What is hiding behind that broken window?

oia greece

What secrets does this Grecian island hold that we will never, ever know?

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