Art, Music and Life Is Beautiful

Music noteOnce again, another spectacular Life Is Beautiful festival has come and gone in Las Vegas. (Last year’s write up can be found here.)

There is always such an awesome build up and anticipation in the months and weeks leading up to our homegrown urban festival, and it’s a bittersweet moment to realize that, once again, it’s in the rearview mirror.

This year’s festival was a whole month earlier than it has been the past couple years. No explanation was ever given for the time frame change (though there was some speculation) but the bottom line is this: It was crazy hot out there! I can put up with heat, but with the crowd of people and concrete jungle stacked on top of the already 100F-degree sunshine-y weather, it was almost unbearable. Yes, there were hydration stations, and for that I’m most appreciative, but I was still a hot, sweaty, uncomfortable mess. So much so that I only lasted one day, while Cory ran the whole three-day festival marathon. 

The absolute highlight for me this year was watching Lindsey Stirling live. She’s a stellar musician, but more than that she is an absolute electric performer. Of course, Twenty-One Pilots was amazing (per usual; this is the third time I’ve seen them perform), and the Art Motel gets better and better every year. We also saw Stevie Wonder perform, and many people think his was the best set of the whole event. One letdown was that I felt like the festival was missing some of its original whimsy this year – things like the hidden Easter eggs, painted bricks and pop-up performances.

And though I’d argue that the musical line-up was the best we’ve seen from all three years, I’d like to see some major changes in the festival structure for next year. Though the learning and culinary aspects of the festival are still included in Life Is Beautiful, what I’d really like to see is two days of music and then one day of educational talks and culinary demonstrations. I think these two components are severely underrated and overlooked, and I’d like to see more emphasis placed on them.

Nonetheless, Life Is Beautiful is still an awesome festival, and I’m so proud to call Las Vegas my home when it sets up shop downtown. What a beautiful life, indeed.

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