Cross Country Rock Star

A2’s first cross country meet was this morning, down at Sunset Park, which is about a half hour drive from our home. She ran with the junior varsity girls, so her race took off at about 10:15 a.m. Even though it was only in the low 90s today, it felt so much hotter than that. Just walking around the race course was a sweaty ordeal, so I’m super impressed that all these high schoolers were out in the heat running their hearts out. But, despite the fact that this heat is very foreign to A2 (she’s from northern Norway), she was a strong runner the whole race through.

I’m such a fan of (almost) everything affiliated with our kids’ high school because there is so much school spirit and pride. I’m excited we’re back into the school swing!

090614 - square

090614 - group 090614 - standing

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