Picnic and a Play

Cory and I discovered the Super Summer Theatre in Las Vegas this year, and we’re in love. Going on its 40th season, the theatre company puts on five shows throughout the summer on an outdoor stage in Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. I’ve been to Red Rock Canyon several times since we moved here, but I had no idea this awesome outdoor stage was just a couple miles farther down the road.

We saw Shrek! The Musical last month, and last night we saw Arsenic & Old Lace. I didn’t know anything about the show before we went, but it was ridiculously funny! And impressive — only one set for the whole show!

We packed a picnic dinner with sub sandwiches, chips and dessert, which we ate before the show. Some of the folks who go to these shows have awesome wine glass holders that hook into the ground; we definitely need to look into getting a set of those before next season!

A2 had a bit of homework to do before the show started, but I’m glad she was able to come and work on it outside instead of sitting at home tackling the physical and chemical changes of compounds all on her own. This is a part of Las Vegas that most people would be surprised to discover even existed, but it’s events like this that Cory and I have come to define as Las Vegas … much more so than all the touristy attractions. So glad we got to share it with her to help dispel all those myths that surround our quirky little city.

090514 - Stage

090514 - collage 2

090514 - sitting 090514 - Red Rock

2 Responses to “Picnic and a Play”

  1. Jill

    Arsenic and Old Lace was a regular part of high school drama dept plays “back in the day”. So funny! What a great way to see shows…outside in nice weather. Looks like a great time.

    • JoAnna

      We had a really nice time. I think A2 was impressed that such a place exists so close to Las Vegas. I know I was surprised when I discovered it. And the play was actually really fantastic. Normally I know the plot going in, but this one was completely unknown to me and it ended up being superb!


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