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What is it about fast and fancy cars that gets a person’s heart racing? Is it the feel of the engine rumbling underfoot? Or is it the look that others give when one of these sleek, chic vehicles rolls past? Whatever it is that lures people into the driver’s seat of these above-and-beyond cars, the pull is a strong one because lots of people pay a lot of money to drive exotic and muscle cars during their Las Vegas vacations.

Late last spring I was invited to get behind the wheel of a few different exotic cars for a spin through the Red Rock Canyon area with World Class Driving. This experience is very popular for a number of reasons, but one of the main things worth noting is that the driving experience with World Class Driving lasts nearly an hour and participants get to drive more than one car.

This is a vast departure from many driving experiences, which cost hundreds of dollars and only allow participants to choose one car to drive (if they even get a choice). I honestly didn’t really care what I was driving, so I was content when they told me I’d spend time with a Lamborghini, a Jaguar and a Ferrari. I was particularly excited that one of the cars was a convertible because I’ve never driven a car with the top down and, now that I think about it, I’m not even sure I’ve ever even been in a convertible.

The staging area for World Class Driving is located just off the Strip in a showroom that was clean and sparkly and made me nervous about sneezing or touching anything at all. It was obvious to me that car enthusiasts are the obvious target market for this experience (which makes sense and which I am not) because the orientation on driving the cars was a bit technical and over my head. I requested to drive automatic cars, which is why I participated in the exotic cars experience versus the muscle cars experience, and I figured it would be pretty obvious what I needed to do.

After the orientation at World Class Driving’s Las Vegas HQ, all drivers are taken to Red Rock Casino’s parking garage, where all the cars and guides are waiting. This company has things down to a science and guides quickly and efficiently got us all in our assigned cars, plugged in our video recording equipment (no, that’s not being published for your viewing pleasure) and got us on our way.

exotic cars las vegasThe route through Red Rock Canyon is pre-determined, and participants drive their cars between a lead guide car and a guide who pulls up the rear. Every 10-15 minutes, all the cars pulled over to the side of the road and participants swapped vehicles. I enjoyed the longer drives affiliated with World Class Driving because I felt like I had time to settle into my cars and get a feel for how they performed. When I participated in Exotics Racing at the speedway, I only started to feel comfortable on my fifth lap—exactly when it was time for my experience to come to an end. We had strict instructions on how close we were supposed to drive to the car in front of us and how to navigate through stoplights and deal with other obstacles, so there wasn’t a whole lot of freedom regarding speed or stopping where we wanted to take pictures. I was appreciative of the fact that I had been to the Red Rock Canyon area before and could visit again, because it was a beautiful day but I didn’t have time to concentrate on my surroundings while I was paying so much attention to the actual act of driving. I felt like my experience in each car was sufficient, however, and every time we switched cars, I was able to snap a few photos.

Las Vegas has its fair share of over-the-top driving experiences, and this is one I’d recommend for car enthusiasts. If you want to fully enjoy Red Rock Canyon, I’d suggest you rent a car of your own and spend the time you want there, but if you just want a few minutes in the driver’s seat of not one but a handful of fancy schmancy cars, then this experience is a legitimate option. Safe travels!

Learn more about World Class Driving here.

Disclaimer: My experience at World Class Driving was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

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