Wanderlust Wednesday: Color in a New Orleans Cemetery

Need to escape? Looking to be whisked away? Itching for travel inspiration?

Look no further than the haunting cemeteries on New Orleans, Louisiana. The rows of bleak, above ground grave sites can be a bit daunting as you walk through this final resting place for the dead, but a hint of color reminds visitors that there was once life where now there is not.


flowers in cemetery

2 Responses to “Wanderlust Wednesday: Color in a New Orleans Cemetery”

  1. Alouise

    Beautiful photo. I love how the flowers stand out against the broken and faded stones. I was lucky enough to go to New Orleans twice this year, and I wanted to go back as soon as I left.

    • JoAnna

      I can appreciate why you wanted to go back! It really is a spectacularly beautiful place, a place where worn edges are simply a layer of history.


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