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sunset magazineIn the past year or so, I haven’t traveled as widely or frequently as I did in the years prior. In addition, I’ve picked up a bit of a home bug, finding a modest interest in decorating our home and starting a garden in the backyard. And, because we have been hosting foreign exchange students, we’ve been doing more regional travel, so I’ve been exploring and discovering new places on the west coast of the United States.

My love of travel hasn’t diminished at all; it’s just changed to incorporate a different kind of travel along with a love of home. As such, I’ve found a magazine that speaks to this new lifestyle. Sunset is a magazine that provides everything you might need to know about creating a life in the Western United States. Every month, the magazine features sections on food and wine, gardening, home life and travel in the states along the West Coast, and while it addresses issues for living in this part of the United States, it also zeroes in on ways to appreciate specific travel destinations in this part of the country.

When it comes to travel, instead of round ups that try to address every corner of the world, Sunset zooms in on West Coast-specific trends and attractions that are both accessible and interesting or obscure for a myriad of travelers. Family favorites are highlighted alongside funky trailer accommodations, isolated beaches and boutique wineries. And as much as the attractions themselves are highlighted, so are the stories of the people who are the brainchildren behind these enterprises. Because it is such a region-specific magazine, I really feel like Sunset is able to focus on supporting local entrepreneurs. Everything published in the magazine—from gardening tips and home decorating suggestions to road trips—are distinctly West Coast and can’t truly be replicated anywhere else.

In addition to the travel coverage, I love Sunset for all of its other lifestyle coverage. It’s a magazine I can turn to for settling my homebody bug as well as feed my wanderlust. We’ve been in the process of growing a garden for a while now, and the extensive coverage offered on what to plant when is very much appreciated. And though there are some home and yard decorating suggestions that I won’t ever be able to implement (how I yearn to have a beautiful backyard lounging area), I can modify suggestions offered in Sunset to fit our specific needs.

For the general traveler, Sunset is a great read for specific tips and suggestions on where and how to visit West Coast destinations. Whereas other travel magazines offer general advice on what to see and do, Sunset really gets to the roots of what makes this part of the country special.

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  1. Ruth

    Sunset sounds like a really cool magazine! I can’t believe I’ve lived on the West Coast (the best coast =) ) for my entire life and never picked one up. I’m planning a road trip from Seattle to San Francisco soon. Do you think Sunset would have good tips on essential stops to make in between?

    • JoAnna

      The thing about Sunset is that it touches on many things going on all along the coast, so you may catch a tip or two about the destinations between Seattle and San Fran, but don’t expect to find guidebook-esque type of detail. I’d say it’s worth picking up an issue just to get a feel for some of the other things along the coast that might interest you at some point at time, whether it’s on this trip or another one.


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