I Love Las Vegas: Las Vegas Lights

las vegas lights

In the competitive cacophony of displaying the bigger, brighter and better presence to passersby, Las Vegas┬áresorts and hotels have created something else on the Las Vegas Strip: An eye-popping array of neon signs of varying sizes and colors that combine to create a visual spectacle in one of the world’s most famous cities.

A lot of people say that the lights and neon signage in Las Vegas are unnecessary. I certainly don’t deny that Sin City has its fair share of light pollution, fueled in large part by the beam of light streaming from the top of the Luxor. And while I don’t know if it’s always appropriate to follow the mantra, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it,” I think the personality of the city is one in which we choose to go big or go home. As such, the proliferation of neon signage can be a bit overwhelming at times, but it’s also awesome.

I love standing on one of the bridges that crosses Las Vegas Boulevard or on a balcony from a nightclub or restaurant overlooking the Strip at night. Looking up and down the street are signs upon signs upon signs and neon-striped buildings for several city blocks. I don’t care to sit in the window seat when I fly except for when I’m landing in Las Vegas at night. There’s something almost magical about glittering lights that dance on the earth’s surface. I love that the Rio is striped in a rainbow of colors and that CityCenter (highlighted with hints of blue) sits next to The Cosmopolitan (which has a tinge of purple). I love that each of the buildings has a personality and character, which are distinguished by their lights. They are distinctly themselves, distinctly Las Vegas.

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  1. Ruth

    I couldn’t agree with you more. In Vegas you go big or go home, or rather, you go big until you have to go home. Ha. I too was struck by the incredible array of lights in Vegas. Did you catch any of the light shows on the other end of the strip? I saw one set to the music of The Doors that was even more attention grabbing than the colorful characters wandering the streets. What a trip!

    • JoAnna

      You’re talking about Fremont Street ~ definitely a light show worth catching!


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