I Love Las Vegas: Desert Sunsets

Las Vegas is awash in vibrant hues sourced straight from the light bulb, but my favorite colors are those that are created by Mother Nature. In Las Vegas, we are fortunate to have lots of sun and clear skies, but when we get even a touch of cloud cover, the sunsets that light up the sky are, I’m convinced, among the most beautiful in the world.

The desert sunsets we get in Las Vegas tend to spill across the sky, splashed from cloud to cloud. They are generally bright pink and orange with tinges of purple mixed in. Though it’s possible to appreciate the sunsets from within the city, I think they’re even more brilliant when viewed from a distance. The hilly landscape in Valley of Fire and high-elevation vistas in Red Rock Canyon offer an awesome viewing experience because of the natural environment. Plus, in either of these places, it’s possible to chill out and just soak in the surroundings and this oft-overlooked part of Las Vegas that most people miss because they never look up.


red sunset sky


yellow sunset sky

2 Responses to “I Love Las Vegas: Desert Sunsets”

  1. Jill

    Stunning! Look at those colors! Who needs Photoshop??

    • JoAnna

      I agree! The evening desert sky is like a spill of paint across the world’s largest canvas.


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