Images: On the Campus of Notre Dame

As a child, my family road tripped back and forth across the United States from the Grand Tetons in Wyoming to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and the Fourth of July fireworks in Maine. On one of these trips, we stopped in South Bend, Indiana, where we took a quick stop on the campus of Notre Dame.

I was most recently in South Bend competing in the Urban Adventure Games, but I did spend some time wandering along the paths that criss-cross Notre Dame. The campus is very clean, well kept and particularly lovely, with manicured gardens, lots of green space and memorable buildings.

Notre Dame Indiana Notre Dame Cathedral Notre Dame seal Touchdown Jesus Notre Dame Notre Dame Cathedral Notre Dame Cathedral


2 Responses to “Images: On the Campus of Notre Dame”

  1. Jason

    I found your website while looking for pictures of the notre dame seal. You really got some great shots of campus. Where, may I ask, did you find this seal set in stone on campus? I’ve been looking for something like that for a while.

    • JoAnna

      Hi Jason ~ I was with a friend when I took this photo and, as I don’t know the campus well or where I was exactly, I asked her. It’s outside for sure, and she thinks it’s either near the Basilica or at the altar by the Grotto. Hope that helps!


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