Bon Temps Express: A Classy Ride in Lake Charles, Louisiana

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If you’ve got to get from place A to place B, you might as well go in style. And, if you’re going in style, you might as well up the ante and ride with someone who is invested in making sure you get there safely, in a timely manner and with a bit of personality.

Enter Bon Temps Express.

I’d never been on a party bus prior to my Lake Charles Mardi Gras trip earlier this year, and when I climbed on board the Bon Temps Express, I had no idea what to expect besides a roomy way to travel from parade to party to restaurant to hotel. Bon Temps Express is a true-to-life bus that has been outfitted with dozens of comfortable inward facing seats able to fit 30 people, a food counter and a bathroom. At first I didn’t think much of it. After all, this was just a bus, right?

Wrong. I quickly realized that there are companies with big fleets of vehicles, and then there are privately owned businesses run by people with a true interest and incentive in ensuring you reach the places you want to go in a timely manner safely while you’re enjoying the company you’re with and the ride itself. Add to that the fact that the owners of the company—Ralph and Joy Huval—are on board and making sure every moment on the Bon Temps Express is a good one and you pretty much have the ideal solution for transportation.

Bon Temps Express is a labor of love for Ralph and Joy, and you can tell they’re in the business because they love it, and that’s really what sets this party bus apart from any other. Over the few days I rode on the Bon Temps Express, I became well acquainted with it—where the cup holders were for my morning coffee, the best place to stuff my day bag, where to find the orange juice in our oversized cooler. Usually when I travel with a large group, these things are crammed into a 12-person van and the trunk, making it difficult to reach and access things at a moment’s notice. But that’s not the case with Bon Temps Express. Everyone could move around as needed, taking advantage of the ample space available on the bus. No one felt cramped. Best of all, while Ralph drove, Joy rode along, helping Ralph navigate where needed and chatting with us when we were just cruising along. Bon Temps Express services all of Louisiana and East Texas, so the two of them have a lot of knowledge about the area as well, which they willingly share.

Though many people rent out Bon Temps Express for proms, bachelor/bachelorette parties and similar events, I was thankful that we used the service during Mardi Gras in Lake Charles. No one wants to deal with the traffic or feeling confined when you’re sweaty, full and wound up from hours on the parade routes or eating your heart out in Cajun country.

If you’re planning an event in Lake Charles, Louisiana, I strongly recommend you look into Ralph and Joy’s services through Bon Temps Express. This is more than a convenient way to get from place A to place B. It’s a way to get there in style with people I’m sure you’ll like and trust.

Bon Temps Express website | My experience with Bon Temps Express was made possible by the Lake Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau but I truly believe in this business and all opinions in this post are my own.

4 Responses to “Bon Temps Express: A Classy Ride in Lake Charles, Louisiana”

  1. Cory Cart

    My favorite bus ever! Ralph and Joy are outstanding.

    • JoAnna

      Agree! They definitely seal the deal when it comes to providing the perfect party bus!

  2. Abby

    Not one True Blood reference?! Lol. I love that this is a labor of love project. It does sound like a fun way to travel and see the town!

    • JoAnna

      Confession: I have no idea what that True Blood reference would be. The only Bon Temps I know is this party bus.


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