I Love Las Vegas: Sambalatte Coffee Shop

sambalatte coffee artLas Vegas isn’t known for its artsy scene (though this is changing) and there hasn’t ever been a mainstream push toward supporting local businesses, which is part of the reason why I’m so happy that Sambalatte is such a popular coffeehouse. As much as I love some of the big coffee chains, I happily choose Sambalatte each and every time, if I have a choice.

Most people visiting Las Vegas will never set foot on the property because it is located in Summerlin, a neighborhood on the west side of the city. This means that it’s primarily a locals’ hangout, and every time I’ve been there, people are lounged around, chatting with friends or colleagues, working on laptops, reading books or scribbling in notebooks. Sambalatte has a very relaxed, laid back vibe with about half a dozen small tables inside, a handful of tables outside, a few couches and lounger chairs, and a few long work tables that are often crowded with laptops.

Sambalatte is the passion of owner Luis Oliveira, who sources a range of high-quality coffee from around the globe. In addition to offering several of the “standard” drinks, guests can order other beverages such as yerba matte, afogato and con panna. This isn’t just a coffeehouse, however. Sambalatte draws in the lunch crowds with a selection of paninis, quiche dishes, pastries and desserts. Though prices on food items are a bit high in my opinion, the few times I’ve splurged I’ve been happy with my purchases.

One of the things I most enjoy about Sambalatte is the creative coffee art that comes with every drink that has even a light layer of foam. My drinks have arrived with intricate leaves, quaint hearts and tree branches etched on top. This isn’t just a fleeting thing; every time I order a fancy coffee at Sambalatte, I get latte art, and this is the only place in Las Vegas that I’ve discovered does this. I always appreciate the gesture and hate taking the first sip so that I can preserve this extra little gift.

I frequently meet friends and business associates at Sambalatte during the day, and for a long time my writers group met there in the evening. It’s always crowded, but for the most part, the crowds and noise are manageable except for the fact that there is live music almost every night. While it adds to the ambiance and fits in with the Sambalatte vibe, it’s also why my writers group eventually had to move locations.

Overall, I absolutely adore Sambalatte, and it has become my go-to spot when I just need to get out and chill. Every person needs a place like this in her community and in her daily routine and life.

Located in Boca Park in Summerlin at 750 South Rampart Boulevard

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