A Night at Vogahraun Guesthouse

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After a long day of whale watching in Husavik, you may be on the lookout for a place to crash for the night. Mývatn has a couple hotels and guesthouses, but just out of town is Reykjahlíð, which is home to Vogahraun Guesthouse. Iceland hotels vary from town to town, but this Iceland accommodation consists of several small buildings with simple rooms and a campground. The town is tiny but confusing as there are a few inns with very similar names, but Vogahraun Guesthouse is the one located right next to Daddi’s Pizza.

This is hardly a hotel in the traditional sense, but it is a comfortable, clean and crisp. I stayed in one of the guesthouse buildings and could tell that it was either just built or recently renovated. The linens were fresh, the floors sparkled and the bathrooms had a modern, efficient design. The campground was spacious, and there was ample room for campers to spread out. Shared amenities, a laundry room (1500 ISK per load – yikes!) and a large utility sink were additional facilities also available to campers.

iceland hotel bathroomVogahraun Guesthouse is located right near the Mývatn loop road, which circles the nearby lake. Be forewarned that this body of water is nicknamed Mosquito Lake, and those pesky critters make their way to the Vogahraun Guesthouse. It’s not always buggy, and it’s not really predictable when they’ll be bad in the summer, but when they make landfall, you’ll know. We killed a few in our room before settling in, but hanging out outside with a slight breeze was no problem at all. (Once the wind stops blowing, however, prepare for the bugs to move in.)

This area is a hotbed for thermal springs, and there are lots of places to find both natural hot springs and spa-like services utilizing the hot thermal water. In fact, Mývatn has one of the most popular and best developed thermal spas in Iceland, and it’s conveniently open late. I believe it is as a result of these thermal springs that the guesthouses are so warm. The floors are heated as are the towel racks in the bathroom. This is all fine and dandy in the winter when you’re coming in from freezing temperatures, but in the middle of summer, we were stripping down to our skivvies just to stay comfortable. These conditions did make it ideal to do a bit of in-room laundry at Vogahraun Guesthouse, however.

Guests should also know that, though there is free wifi, it is weak throughout most of the compound, and I had to sit near the laundry lines just to pick up a couple of bars of signal. The staff is friendly, however, and those we met were happy to provide tips and suggestions on things to do in Iceland, especially in the Mývatn area. Breakfast is served in Daddi’s Pizza and is reminiscent of the traditional Icelandic meals found throughout the country.

I stayed at Vogahraun Guesthouse on a media rate but all opinions are my own.

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