Life List: Kicking Butt at the Urban Adventure Games

urban adventure games

I found out about the Urban Adventure Games at Travel Media Showcase last year. As soon as Colleen, the tourism rep for South Bend, Indiana, mentioned this quirky race, I was eager to learn more. How long was it? When was it held? What do you do in it? Is it a challenge, or just a 5k through the park?

And most importantly: When can I sign up?

Colleen and I talked about the Urban Adventure Games for the entire 15 minutes we had together at the conference. When I was encouraged to compile my Life List shortly thereafter, it immediately earned a spot. And, in the last few months, Colleen and I trained, schemed and strategized about how we were going to complete the race, which happened the last weekend in July.

I flew out to South Bend on a Thursday evening. On Friday, we picked up all our gear and race packets. On Saturday, we kicked it into high gear. Though we joked about being the winners of the race, our real goal was simply to complete all the tasks and finish the race, which I’m happy to report we did. The results came out yesterday, and we placed well in our division. Out of 67 teams in the women’s open division, we came in 16th.

I couldn’t have asked for a better race partner, better weather or a more perfect day. Thank you to everyone who helped make this Life List goal a reality!

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