I Love Las Vegas: M&M’s World


When people ask me about free things people can do in Las Vegas, I almost always suggest they stop by M&M’s World, especially if they have children. I’m not a huge fan of M&M’s, but there’s something strangely quirky and charming about this funky store located near MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s one of the places I often taken newbies in the city because it’s (almost) uniquely Las Vegas (there are a couple others around the world, but I would argue this one is the most famous).

M&M’s World is a multi-story shop with just about any kind of memorabilia you can imagine as it relates to M&M’s—clothing, household goods, office items, knick knacks, collector’s pieces. And, of course, there is a healthy dose of the candy itself. One of my favorite things about M&M’s World is the serve-yourself wall covered in every type and color of chocolate candy you can practically imagine. Though you can buy pre-packaged M&M candy packs for certain occasions (say, for example, Halloween or a wedding), most people like to mix and match their own concoction of candies, creating eclectic mixes of flavors and colors. For a long time, my sister had a plastic jar of candies from M&M’s World that sat on her dresser. It reminded me of a rainbow in a jar.

Though I’m not one to pick up trinkets just for the sake of owning such things, I am in love with the M&M’s themed stationery, and last time I was there, they had an eco-friendly M&M’s journal. From lampshades and key chains to pillowcases and leather jackets, it definitely feels like just about everything has been branded with the sweet multi-colored characters. It is worth noting that, as my foreign exchange student pointed out, only the primary colors have items dedicated to them. The brown M&M’s are completely stricken from the store.

In addition to all the retail merchandise, M&M’s World has a free 3-D film, and, if you make it all the way to the top floor, the M&M’s race car is on display. Not many people seem to get all the way up to the top, so if you do, it’s a nice respite from the crowds.

I’m not sure what it is about M&M’s World that makes it such a compelling stop in Las Vegas. Maybe it’s because it, like everything else in Sin City, is over-the-top. Whatever it is, I love to take people to visit, just to see their eyes light up at a place entirely devoted to fun chocolate candies.

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  1. London4Travelers

    Like many travelers I also like Las Vegas. This city has a lot to offer to its guests. Numerous attractions and entertainments are available for visitors of this wonderful city. Travelers are always welcome to Las Vegas!

  2. leland

    your sisters plastic jar of multicolor m&m are still in her old bedroom….do they every go bad????

    • JoAnna

      Doubtful. Are there any “natural” ingredients in them?


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