I Love Las Vegas: Peppermill Restaurant

Peppermill restaurant Las VegasIn years past, Las Vegas has had a tendency to destroy anything that dates the city. Las Vegas has a personality that emphasizes the newest, biggest and fanciest of everything. With a culture like this, nightclubs open and close within a of couple years, hotels are imploded even though the buildings are still structurally sound and what is cool today is definitely not cool tomorrow.

God forbid the city have a retro or vintage vibe.

Luckily a few oldies but goodies manage to stick around longer than a pair of socks, though, because those institutions that have stood the test of time are some of the best places to visit in Las Vegas. One of these is the Peppermill restaurant, a tacky, funky, fun restaurant on the northern end of the Las Vegas Strip.

Though the Strip is decked out in neon, Peppermill’s rainbow-striped sign is easy to spot if you’re looking for it. The 24-hour restaurant and lounge is one of the few free-standing dining facilities on the Strip with its own parking lot just a few steps from the front door. Yes, this is Las Vegas Boulevard we’re talking about here.

Peppermill is an old school diner that is decked out with as much neon inside as outside. Squint your eyes a bit and it almost feels like you’re in a spaceship getting ready to blast off. It has been serving diners for more than 40 years, and visitors today have a myriad of choices when it comes to the menu. Omelets are a particular specialty in the morning, there are several varieties of salads available to order and typical diner-esque appetizers like nachos are popular, but I’m a fan of a classic burger or sandwich and milkshake when I dine at the Peppermill restaurant.

Dining at Peppermill is an experience in and of itself, but I’m also a big fan of the lounge, which has deep set fire pits around which parties are seated. The cocktail waitresses are the classiest in town with long black dresses instead of tight, revealing get-ups. Best of all, they sit down to take your order, which is a nice, cozy touch to the atmosphere.

When people ask me for a dining recommendation in Las Vegas that isn’t focused on a high-end restaurant featuring a celebrity chef, Peppermill is one of my top picks. There are few other places in town that offer such a genuine taste of old school Vegas.

4 Responses to “I Love Las Vegas: Peppermill Restaurant”

  1. Tom Bourlet

    Aah I miss Vegas!! I love the hotel…My head has gone blank, but the one beginning with B that has the fountains at the front, it looks stunning!
    The buffets there were dodgy I found, however they tasted so good!! Best food I’ve had in a buffet!
    I’ve booked a trip to Vegas again this October, with Directline-holidays on one of their cancellation holidays, hoping to save the pennies and blow them on the machines lol

    Really good post!

  2. Gray

    I haven’t eaten at the Peppermill, but God, I LOVE their lounge! It is so retro! It’s a great place for a meetup.

    • JoAnna

      It’s a fabulous place to meet up with friends. If you get the chance, grab a bite there as well. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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