I Love Las Vegas: Bellagio Fountains

Fountains of Bellagio Las Vegas

As much as I love to get off the Las Vegas Strip to explore some of the city’s lesser known sites, there are some things that can’t be denied. The fact that the Fountains of Bellagio are truly awesome is one of them.

The Bellagio fountains are one of the most popular and recommended sites in Las Vegas. They make every “must do” list, and it’s just a bonus that it’s completely free to set up shop in front of the Bellagio to watch hours upon hours of water-worthy shows. I’ve lived in Las Vegas for quite a few years now, but I never get tired of watching the shows at the Bellagio, even if I have seen some of the same ones several times (“Singing in the Rain” is one example), and I always take new visitors to check out the fountains, especially when they’re lit up at night.

So what should you know about the Fountains of Bellagio? Here are a few fun facts:

> They dance in an eight-acre pool in front of the famous Bellagio Resort and Casino.

> Right now there are 29 songs that the fountains dance to, but some are seasonal so come during the holidays for the biggest variety. Songs include show tunes, movie favorites and patriotic songs. New shows are added very rarely, so it’s a big deal when something else joins the line-up.

> The technology includes white lights, a fog system and four types of devices (oarsmen, mini shooters, super shooters and extreme shooters) that shoot water into the air at a variety of heights.

> A staff of 30 engineers maintains and operates the fountains daily.

> There are 22 million gallons of water in the man-made lake, which is reused and recycled in the lake (one of the reasons shows may be cancelled on windy days).

> There are 5,000 lightbulbs in the lake that light up the fountain.

> The 16 extreme shooters can send water up to 460 feet in the water.

> Music is piped in through 183 speakers around the lake.

Though the sidewalk lining the fountains has gotten a bit chaotic with buskers, it’s definitely possible to enjoy the Bellagio fountains from there as well as select restaurants in the resort itself and from the balconies of the neighboring property, The Cosmopolitan. You can catch shows during the day, but the fountains are most magical once the sun goes down and the lights come on.

2 Responses to “I Love Las Vegas: Bellagio Fountains”

  1. Spencer

    I love the Fountains of Bellagio! I think it is amazing how they have choreographed the water. It is so spectacular. Definitely one of the best sites in Las Vegas.

    • JoAnna

      Definitely a must-see in Las Vegas. The fountains never get old.


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