Life List: Own Colorful Luggage


Even before the strict TSA restrictions were put into place at airports and on airplanes several years ago, I faithfully carried my luggage on board. I pack relatively light, and I like having the flexibility to fly standby, so I very rarely travel with anything large enough that would require checking bags.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but notice that every time I wandered through an airport, my little roller bag was a clone of the thousands of other roller bags being pulled through the terminal. That is to say that they’re all black. And standard. And boring.

My roller bag traveled with me from my early years in college, and in the past year, it really started to show its age. The zipper started to pull away from the seam, and the brand tag completely ripped off. The extended handle threatened to fall off sooner rather than later (if I could get it unstuck from its resting position in the first place), and it was only a matter of time before the wheels fell off.

Let’s just say I’d been lusting after some new luggage for awhile now. Combine the fact that I needed a new roller bag with my desire to stand out a bit from the thousands of other travelers trolling airport terminals, and you’ll understand why I was so thrilled to receive a bright blue suitcase with neon green trim for Christmas. It is a Burton brand bag with a lifetime warranty and tons of zipper compartments.

Despite the epic awesomeness of my blue-and-green bag, however, I discovered the day before my trip to Lake Charles, Louisiana, for Mardi Gras that it was just a smidgen too small. I panicked. This was my dream colorful luggage … what was a girl to do?

Knowing how much I travel, I decided to keep the Burton bag, but I also had to buy one other suitcase for those trips that need just a couple inches more. This other bag is dark orange, so it’s also colorful, and though the two don’t match by any stretch of imagination, I’m thrilled to have new luggage with zippers that work, wheels that turn and signature colors that stand out from the crowd.

Owning colorful luggage is also on my Life List, so these rock awesome pieces of luggage not only fill a need but also a personal wish. Look out world … I’m taking to the skies and roads, and you won’t have any choice than to notice!

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