Life List: Roller Derby!

roller derby

As a girl, I always knew that the lady folk among us pretty much rocked this world. I knew we were smart, sexy and sophisticated. Women continue to impress me with their creativity, innovative thinking and commitment to serving others. But it wasn’t until late 2011 that I realized how tough we could be physically as well.

Earlier in the year I met Sabrina, a total sweetheart with a massive smile, super cute dimples and the coolest demeanor. Turns out she also played with the Las Vegas Sin, the Lingerie Football League team out of Las Vegas.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Lingerie Football League? Chicks who run around in lacy bras and pretend to be masculine?’ There you would be wrong, my friend. These girls wear sexy little outfits, but they also come complete with rock solid abs, hefty shoulder pads and a kick butt attitude once they hit the field. Sadly, Sabrina tore her ACL training with the team (yep, it’s a hardcore contact sport), so she had to drop off the team, but she helped secure stellar tickets for us so we could attend a game. We sat on the edges of our seats for the game as these women whipped footballs down the field and plowed into each other, shoulder pads clashing, as they raced toward the end zones. The ladies of the Las Vegas Sin were tough as nails—no doubt about it—and I was proud to watch these women prove that there’s more to them than racy skivvies.

At The Mighty Summit, I met a rock awesome chick who is involved with roller derby and put it on my Life List then and there to catch the sport in the flesh and blood. Shortly thereafter, a good friend of my told me about the local roller derby scene and we bought tickets to check it out. For three hours we watched four teams of rough-and-tough chicks knock elbows, take hip checks and power through round after round of adrenaline-inducing roller skating. I’ve since watched a documentary on the roller derby culture, and it really is as brutal as it looks. After only a few short years, many girls have to retire from the sport because of injuries to their legs, ankles, hips and wrists.

What I loved most about both the lingerie football game and the roller derby matches was the sportsmanship. The women were incredibly competitive on the field/rink, but as soon as the helmets came off, they were all besties with each other. They hugged, congratulated each other and melded into a single cohesive group. The guys I was with agreed that men would have been hostile and emotionally competitive, carrying their aggression beyond the arena.

I always knew that women were spectacular, and I’m proud to be among this 50 percent of the population. You know … because girls rule.

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