The Sweet Smell of Ah Cacao Chocolate | Mexico

Ah Cacao Cafe Riviera Maya MexicoI’m not a fanatic about candy, but I’m also known to feed my occasional sweet tooth when the opportunity arises. Though I can indulge in tasty treats just about anywhere in the world, I’m particularly drawn to those with a local twist. What makes a certain brand special? Why should I chow down on a particular piece of coagulated sugar over another?

During my last trip to Mexico, I discovered Ah Cacao, a chocolate cafe that can only be found in three locations in the Riviera Maya. Chocolate shops are found around the world, but Ah Cacao isn’t the typical chocolate shop. Sure, there are glass covered cabinets packed with sweet treats (chocolate cookies, brownies, chocolate mousse), but there is so much more!

These shops are truly cafes with chocolate snacks to munch on as well as a large selection of cacao-accented beverages including mochas, hot chocolate and chocolate milk (non-chocolate options like iced tea and lattes are also available). It’s also worth noting that Ah Cacao chocolate is the real deal. Unlike the sugar-packed sweets found in the United States, the chocolate offered by Ah Cacao is natural in every sense of the world.

chocolate mousse at Ah Cacao Riviera Maya MexicoWhat I loved most about Ah Cacao’s selection, though, is that it was much more than simply food-based. The stores are also gift shops of sorts, with an assortment of Ah Cacao coffee beans, chocolate body oil, chocolate body shampoo and chocolate body wrap. Though I managed to pass up the urge to buy several bars of chocolate to take home with me, I couldn’t resist the urge to buy a chocolate body bar. Who doesn’t want to smell like chocolate when they step out of the shower?

The other thing I really like about Ah Cacao is its commitment to environmental sustainability. The company supports local conservation programs and encourages patrons to stay informed about environmental protection efforts taking place in the Riviera Maya and around Mexico.

Now that’s something I can chew on.

My trip to the Riviera Maya was compensated by the Riviera Maya Tourism Board, but all opinions are my own.

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