Wellness and Relaxation at Red Mountain Resort

Red Mountain Resort UtahEvery year my sister and I have a girls’ getaway. This year, we decided to focus on relaxation, and our search for the perfect wellness retreat ended up including options on the beaches of Bali and in the mountains of Canada, but we didn’t have to stray far from my home in Las Vegas to find what I am convinced is the absolute best place to get away from it all.

Red Mountain Resort is tucked about ten miles off the highway near St. George among the stunning red rocks of southern Utah. It’s a relatively small property with 82 standard guest rooms and 24 full-size villas, and while the rooms are top of the line, it’s not the accommodations that attract people to the resort. Red Mountain Resort’s slogan is “Find Yourself Between a Rock and a Soft Place,” which is an excellent way to describe a destination that encourages fitness, adventure and movement while also making it unbelievably easy to relax and chill out.

My sister and I are active people, so we were looking for a wellness retreat that offered ample fitness classes and delicious but healthy food. Not only did we find both of these things but we were also impressed to discover hardcore adventure activities, daily hikes, a spa and general health classes as well. Any way that a person might arrive at wellness and better health—from massages, pottery making classes, thyroid workshops and spiritual meditation to rappelling, healthy eating, zumba, shamanic healing and just relaxing by the pool—seems to be available here. The definition of wellness encompasses so much, and the staff and scheduling at Red Mountain Resort are versatile and flexible enough to provide guidance and support for any health-related goals that visitors might set.

Meditation Cirlce Labyrinth Red Rock Resort UtahWe explored a wide variety of activities during the four days we visited the property. I took part in stretching, cross training and water aerobics classes, worked out with a person trainer, indulged in a desert dreams massage, walked the spiritual circle and did yoga in nearby Snow Canyon State Park. Meanwhile, my sister took advantage of some of the more technical aspects of wellness guidance with workshop trainings and analytic health measurements. We took part in one of the early morning challenger hikes that found us scrambling over rocks and walking through sand to reach a fern-covered canyon. One afternoon we ditched our plans to take part in a handful of fitness classes and, instead, borrowed bikes to visit the nearby arts village, Kayenta.

Every day we indulged in incredibly fresh and flavorful food. The salad bar was different every evening, and there were seafood, meat-friendly and vegetarian options on offer every night. Forget the soda; we enjoyed passion ice tea and plenty of water instead. And the options for dessert were a bit overwhelming, though the low calorie count listed with each choice made them all equally enticing. We particularly enjoyed the deconstructed blueberry cheesecake.

Room at Red Mountain ResortAnd though the room was not the selling point, it’s worth noting that the accommodations at Red Mountain Resort were also wonderful. The bathroom was massive with plenty of space for both of us to spread out. The beds were very comfortable, and neither of us had any problems falling and staying asleep. Standing on our veranda, we were treated to sweeping views of the surrounding landscape.

We loved everything about our stay at Red Mountain Resort, but to me, the most impressive aspects of this property and of our wellness retreat were the following:

>>Staff members asked our names, remembered our names and went out of their way to inquire how we were doing (by name) when they saw us.

>>We loved the Pound Puppy Hike, an innovative partnership between Red Mountain Resort and the local dog shelter, which gives the dogs needed socialization skills while visitors feel good about their early morning exercise.

>>The stereotype we had of water aerobics classes was totally blown out of the water (pun intended), and both of us felt the burn afterwards.

>>We signed up for the Red Mountain Essential Retreat ($230 per person per night), which was a completely reasonable price given that it includes just about everything a person might be interested in. We loved that we didn’t have to worry about the details.

>>We’re smitten for the comfortable bicycles that guests can borrow at their leisure.

Red Mountain Resort certainly has staying power. We met several people who return to the resort year after year after year because they love it so much. When I search for my next wellness retreat, chances are this one will float to the top of my list.

Visit the company webpage for details on packages and to book a stay.

I received two comped nights and two nights at a media rate from Red Mountain Resort, but all opinions contained in this post are my own.

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