Images: The Library of Congress | Washington, DC

I’ve now been to Washington, DC, more than half a dozen times, and during one of those stints I lived in the city for three months for an internship. Every time I go, I remember why I love the city as much as I do. The history, the culture, the accessibility … I love just about everything about it.

But among all the monuments, memorials and noteworthy buildings, there is one in particular that remains my favorite. I visit it when I can just because I think it’s beautiful. That building is the Library of Congress.

You can take a tour of the Library of Congress at no charge, but you’re also welcome to wander the building yourself. Getting into the actual library itself is a different story altogether, but the part of the building that is open to the public is accessible and offers at least an hour of browsing and admiring the artwork on the walls and ceiling as well as temporary exhibits.

Tilework Library of Congress


Art at Library of Congress Washington DC


Sculpture and art at Library of Congress


Celing at Library of Congress Washington DC


Artists Library of Congress Washington DC


Stained glass Library of Congress Washington DC


Quote at Library of Congress Washington DC


Poetry on the ceiling Library of Congress

4 Responses to “Images: The Library of Congress | Washington, DC”

  1. Jill

    Beautiful photos of a really beautiful & inspiring place.

    • JoAnna

      Thanks! I know I love it!

  2. leland

    i must admit that for all the times i’ve been in DC, i’ve never visited the library of congress….i’m thinking the next time i’m there i’m going to schedule some time to make sure i visit this important landmark..thanks for the kick in the pants

    • JoAnna

      You’ve got to go! Such a beautiful place!


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