Simply Serenity: La Mision Hotel | Loreto, Mexico

boat on water in loreto mexicoThere’s something clean and classy about a hotel with marble floors, stately furniture and large, glass doors that open to a fabulous view of the ocean as the sun reflects into the still waters (and, yes, it is still … there are no loud, obtrusive water sports here).

Serenity uncovered.

I’ve stayed in some really nice hotels during my travels. Some are so ridiculously over-the-top (remember my private villa in Vietnam?) that I don’t always know how to react to them, but some, like La Mision Hotel in Loreto, Baja California, Mexico, are sophisticated without being pretentious.

Weary from a long car ride, I wandered through the door of the hotel expecting just another boutique accommodation, but I was immediately struck by the fact that there is no distinct front desk. Instead, there is a large sitting area, lots of windows and easy access to the pool, all of which is located in an open space that invites people like a friendly living room instead of a stuffy hotel lobby. After taking this in, I discovered that off to the left-hand side of the reception area there are two small desks, and those working here are friendly, accessible and willing to go out of their way to make guests feel comfortable.

On the second floor of the hotel there is a fine dining restaurant and a casual bar. If you get the chance, take advantage of happy hour specials … drinks are poured generously for a fraction of their original cost. The atmosphere is low key and relaxed, much like the town of Loreto itself. In the evenings, lights are dimmed and the warm colors enhance the atmosphere.

La Mision Hotel RoomMy room was large, clean and comfortable. I tend to sleep right on the edge of beds when I travel (they’re just way too big for me), but I took advantage of spreading out in the bed I had at La Mision. I had a view that overlooked the pool and then the bay beyond, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but it was a bit odd to me that, due to the layout of the hotel, I could also view most of the other balconies on my floor. It’s also worth noting that the only slightly unpleasant part of this hotel is the view out the back. Though the waterfront is really quite gorgeous on on the front side of the building, the view from the walkway out back leaves a little to be desired. It is here I found a trashed lot, complete with garbage and overgrown weeds.

Serenity disturbed.

Altogether, there are about 70 suites at La Mision Hotel as well as a spa and a meeting / conference room that is also used for wedding receptions. Right now, four condos are being built on the top of the hotel. Whoever has the chance to stay in these is definitely in for a treat, as the view toward the mountains is absolutely stunning. In fact, I almost wish that, instead of the condos, there was an outside, rooftop sitting area, perhaps with a bar. Perhaps they’ll consider such an addition post-construction. It’s from this vantage point on the top of the room that guests really do get to appreciate what a spectacular view La Mision Hotel has on all sides of the building.

It’s worth noting that, beyond the hotel, there isn’t a whole lot to the city of Loreto. It’s all accessible by foot, and La Mision Hotel, which is located along the beachfront, really is within minutes of several boutique shops and cafes as well as the famous mission itself. The point of this city is to unwind and just take in the surroundings.

Serenity found.

Rates start at about $100.00/night | Company website

My stay at La Mision Hotel was paid for by the Mexico Tourism Board but all opinions are my own.

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