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Beach at Bavaro Princess Punta Cana Dominican Republic


When I arrived at the Bavaro Princess in Punta Cana, Domincan Republic, courtesy of Royal Holidays, I asked what we would be doing on the trip. The response?

“You’re on vacation!”

I was in luck. The Bavaro Princess is made for relaxation.

This all-inclusive resort is spread across several acres with an open lobby, entertainment stage and a few restaurants and bars at the entrance of the property. Throughout the heart of the property is a sprawling eco-park with wide boardwalks, tropical birds and sunbathing turtles. At the back of the Bavaro Princess are the suites, a couple laid back beach grub huts and a private beach. Mixed in, guests can find two large pools, a spa and fitness center, a couple more bars and plenty of room to spread out and relax.

Pool at Bavaro Princess Punta Cana Dominican RepublicWhen I say this property is big, I mean big. Small trolleys travel counter clockwise throughout the Bavaro Princess, picking guests up and depositing them wherever they need to go. (I, of course, walked. What better way to get some exercise after eating at all-you-can-eat buffets?)

No one could claim that the Bavaro Princess is quaint, cute or charming. This is a massive all-inclusive property with more than 800 suites. I stayed in one of the suites reserved for the platinum club. My room was located on the second floor of a building less than five minutes from the beach front. It had a large balcony with several lounge chairs, had I wanted to chill out in my suite rather than hit the beach (let’s face it, the beach won). A king-sized bed on a large raised platform was the highlight of the room, but I also had a sitting area with a couch, table and chairs and a desk. A deep-set jacuzzi sat between the bedroom and bathroom areas. The mattress was perfect. I slept like a baby.

Bavaro Princess has a few restaurants and buffets. I was a fan of the breakfast buffet located near the lobby area with its extensive selection of hot and cold meal selections as well as pastries, fruits, juices and smoothies. My advice is to get up early enough to hit this buffet and skip the later one by the beach. In the evening, choose from one of several restaurants. I ate at the one with revolving buffets focused on specific nationalities (Canadian on one night, Dominican on another) and was impressed with the selection and flavor.

Platinum Club Suite at Bavaro Princess Punta Cana Dominican RepublicI appreciate the fact that Bavaro Princess has an eco-park in the middle of its property, though I’m not sure it’s as much eco-park as it is botanical garden. I was  bummed that the birds were in cages, but I did love that there were lots of turtles in the water. There is sort of a funky smell in this area of the resort, but there aren’t many people that walk through here versus taking the trolley, so I encourage visitors to walk through the resort at least once during their stay in order to enjoy this part of the property.

Because I was given strict instructions to relax, I was excited to take advantage of two separate spa appointments while visiting Bavaro Princess. The spa is located near the front of the resort by the quieter of the two pools. It is a peaceful facility with a quiet area where guests can enjoy services outside, away from the hustle and bustle of the property, though be aware that most of the staff members do not speak much English. I took advantage of an acupressure treatment at the spa and then another massage beach side. My recommendation is to book your treatment at the spa; the beach is far from peaceful and quiet.

Speaking of the beach … it was fabulous. Admittedly, though, there were a ton of people on the beach. The weather was beautiful, the sand was soft, the water was warm. I found a lounge chair surrounded by dozens of other people in lounge chairs with a fruity drink, a bottle of sunscreen and a magazine. And then I just relaxed.

After all, I was on vacation.

My trip to Bavaro Princess was compensated by Royal Holiday but all opinions are my own.

2 Responses to “Relaxation at Bavaro Princess | Dominican Republic”

  1. Alouise

    Funny when I travel I’m usually always looking for things to do, go, go go. I always figure I can relax out, why waste my time on vacation sitting by a pool. But I’m going to Mexico for a wedding, and it’s going to be a more relaxing vacation than what I’m used to. It will be interesting.

    And being from Canada I have to ask, what did they feature for the Canadian buffet? Poutine, BC Salmon, Saskatoon berries, because I’ve never really thought of Canadian cuisine as any different than what you can get in the US.

    • JoAnna

      Regarding the buffet, it wasn’t anything particularly memorable. There were a couple people with us from Canada who thought the buffet was hilarious. There was no poutine, though I was hoping there would be as I’ve never tried it.


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