Images of San Juan, Puerto Rico | January 2010

I was only in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for one afternoon last year, but the sun was warm and people were out in droves, enjoying the day. Couples mingled in the park, kids chased kites on the grass and visitors gazed across the water from El Morro. The San Juan I saw was laid back and relaxed.

I know that I didn’t even experience a fraction of what the city has to offer, but I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to grab a few snapshots anyway.


Street light in San Juan Puerto Rico


Old building and new building in San Juan Puerto Rico


Pink building and stop sign in San Juan Puerto Rico


People in a park in San Juan Puerto Rico


Cat Sleeping Beware of Dog Sign San Juan Puerto Rico


View from El Morro to the beach in San Juan Puerto Rico


7 Responses to “Images of San Juan, Puerto Rico | January 2010”

    • JoAnna

      Thanks, Michael. I’ve been working on my photography skills. It’s nice to know that a few shots turn out well every now and then. 🙂

    • JoAnna

      It really is. I can’t wait to go back and spend more time there.

  1. Tijmen

    I always love these cities where you have a combination of old and new standing together, photo nr2 is a great example of that 🙂

    • JoAnna

      I felt like there were examples of the new/old vibe in all of the places I wandered throughout San Juan. It really was a curious way to view the city.

  2. Alice

    Love the sign picture, must be a lovely dog=)


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