Standing on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona

Located on historic Route 66, Winslow, Arizona, is just like any other sleepy southwest town on the road: Kitschy, quiet, cute and, in some respects, crumbling in disrepair. The city was once the largest town in northern Arizona, but the creation of I-40 in the late 1970s literally drove traffic out of the town and many of the city’s businesses faded into history.

In 1972, the Eagles immortalized the city in their song, “Take it Easy.” The lyrics:

Well, I’m a standing on a corner
in Winslow, Arizona
and such a fine sight to see
It’s a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed
Ford slowin’ down to take a look at me
Come on, baby, don’t say maybe
I gotta know if your sweet love is
gonna save me
We may lose and we may win though
we will never be here again
so open up, I’m climbin’ in,
so take it easy

In 1994, the Standin’ On The Corner Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rebirth of the city, sprang into action to revitalize the downtown area of Winslow. In 1997, a committee of volunteers designed a park, which commemorates the corner that made its debut in the Eagles song so many years ago.

It’s a shame that for more than 20 years the city of Winslow nearly faded from existence, and though it’s no happening place now, there is a revitalization and reason for people to visit. In addition to the park, a historic hotel and restaurant have been renovated and several investors have made efforts to kick start the economy in this sleepy southwest town.







3 Responses to “Standing on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona”

    • JoAnna

      We didn’t visit the meteor crater, though we thought about it. I wasn’t really up to spending $15.00 to see a hole in the ground. Thanks for providing a link to your post about the experience. Sometimes I have to live vicariously through others!

  1. Trisha

    Well as long as I’m going to have a song stuck running through my head, at least this is a good one to be listening to.

    It’s a shame that more people don’t spend time exploring the old Route 66 – there are some fabulous little towns all along the way, with some real unique places to stay, great places to eat, and some very friendly and entertaining folks to meet. Sad that we’re always in such a hurry to get somewhere.


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