Lamonthe House Hotel | New Orleans, Louisiana

When we were making plans to visit New Orleans, we had a short list of criteria in mind as we looked for a place to stay:

  1. We didn’t want to rent a car.
  2. We wanted to be within easy walking distance to the main sites.
  3. We wanted to stay somewhere private. That is, we didn’t want to stay in a hostel.
  4. We wanted to stay somewhere relatively quiet.
  5. We didn’t want to go broke paying for accommodations.

Everything we read said we’d never be able to afford anything within the French Quarter, and everyone we talked to advised we not stay in the French Quarter if we actually wanted any sleep. However, the French Quarter is where all the action is. If we couldn’t walk there, we’d be forced to break criterion number one. We had a challenge on our hands: Of all of New Orleans’ hotels, we had to find the perfect one.

As is the case with most things travel related, you can’t believe everything you read or hear, and we found a quaint 1830s townhouse right the edge of the French Quarter that was, in many ways, the ideal accommodation.

The Lamonthe House is on the National Register of Historic Places and has 11 guest rooms and nine suites. We stayed in a cozy guest room, which had a double bed, a television and air conditioning. We had enough space to spread out for five days though the bathroom didn’t offer a whole lot of extra space (and there was a window with a curtain over it in the shower which was a bit odd). I loved the cute and quaint feel of the Lamonthe House, but the bed was fairly squeaky and the air conditioner was a rattler, so I’m not sure I would want to stay longer than a week.

Our room was on the second floor and opened out to the courtyard, which was really cute and complete with a live-in cat that sat by the pool. We were able to hear people as they came and went though. One particularly noisy group of people laughed late into the night, but I suppose we ran that risk since we did stay just a few blocks from Bourbon Street. All things considered, a few hours of lost sleep was a good trade-off for not having to rent a car.

The hotel was obviously aged, but it was charmingly historic. Antiques decorated the hallway tables and the chairs had high backs. This was definitely no canned and sterile Holiday Inn. We also had free WiFi and a fresh continental breakfast with pastries, cereal, juice and coffee.


As for price, according to the hotel’s website, rates for the guest rooms during the week are $69/night and $89/night on the weekend. During high season and for special events, the price jumps to $169/night and $199/night respectively. We found a great deal through TravelZoo and paid significantly less, though I think the low season rates are a great deal anyway, given the ideal location and discount on parking, should you have a car.

Located at 621 Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116 | 800.367.5858

6 Responses to “Lamonthe House Hotel | New Orleans, Louisiana”

  1. Simone

    That’s a great deal! Definitely bookmarking this post. I cannot wait to get New Orleans. I have this odd premonition that I’ll feel at home there.

    • JoAnna

      It’s a really fabulous city; I haven’t met anyone yet that hasn’t liked something about it. As great as the French Quarter is, make a point to get out of that area and check out more of what New Orleans has to offer.

  2. Gray

    That place sounds cute! Did you find it to be really dark over on that side of the French Quarter, JoAnna? I remember when I was on my ghost tour walking over that way, I couldn’t see much of anything and was really glad I was with a group (though I am nightblind, so I’m sure that has something to do with it). On the plus side, it’s really close to Frenchman Street, where all the good music is. Did you get a chance to go over there?

    • JoAnna

      Yes, it was a little bit dark for those few blocks between the action and where Lamonthe House Hotel is but it is technically right on the edge of the French Quarter. There were a lot of great jazz clubs a few blocks on the other side of our hotel. One night we went over to Snug Harbor and saw Ellis Marsalis, which was definitely the real deal when it comes to jazz.

  3. Brian Maguire

    If you enjoy historic hotels, check out – they have some grat places to stay. We checked out a couple of them on the trip down to OTS, and it was neat staying in a place with history, and some of the old grandeur.

    • JoAnna

      Thanks for the suggestion Brian! I’m not usually a hotel person, but we really enjoyed our stay in New Orleans and I would definitely consider hunting down another great deal in another cute, historic hotel.


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