Images: Flowers of Huatulco, Mexico

Though Huatulco, Mexico, was a lovely, uncrowded resort town anyway, it was the brilliantly colored flowers blooming absolutely everywhere that really grabbed my attention. Reds, pinks, purples, yellows, oranges—every single color of the rainbow was represented. Here is a sampling of the fantastic foliage I photographed.








My stay in Huatulco, Mexico, was paid for by the Mexico Tourism Board but all opinions are my own.

5 Responses to “Images: Flowers of Huatulco, Mexico”

  1. Pres

    Wonderful photos, JoAnna! They reminded me of Emerson’s beautiful quote: “Earth laughs in flowers.”

  2. Susan

    Great post, oh how much I love flowers! they are such a beauty, it soothes and calms me just a glance of them!

  3. Carrie

    These are beautiful photos, Joanna. Taking photos of local flora and fauna is one of my favorite travel past times, much to my husband’s dismay. The violent red and pink hibiscus is a personal favorite of mine. There is also something soothing about finding bougainvillea. Even though it’s a common tropical flower, it always brightens my day.


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