7 Questions with a Thrillionaire

Nik Halik lives life … big. But his story didn’t start out that way.

As a kid, Nik dreamed of living life to its absolute fullest, and he’s been able to do that in the role of a “thrillionaire,” which, according to his blog, encompasses the following:

  • Understanding the thrill of giving and a desire to share stories so that others are inspired to become thrillionaires.
  • A desire to seek out the thrills of life.
  • Motivation to live life to the fullest by seeking adventures that will take them to the edge of the Earth and back.
  • Inspiration to give back to society and a desire to leave the Earth a better place than they found it.

As a thrillionaire, Nik wears many hats: scuba diver, astronaut, entrepreneur, global wealth strategist, international speaker, author, high-adrenaline adventurer and world traveler.

His biography, The Thrillionaire, recounts his countless life adventures as well as his philosophy behind the way he lives. Though I haven’t had the chance to read the book, Nik took a few minutes to answer a few questions about his life as a thrillionaire … and what is next on his list of exciting adventures.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. When did the adventure bug first bite?

The thrill of life and adventure originated when I was 4 years of age. I watched the repeats of the Apollo lunar landings and was captivated from then on. At 8 years of age, I wrote the screenplay to my life and wrote out my top 10 goal list. From becaoming a rockstar, climbing the highest mountains of the world, having lunch on the Titanic, becoming an astronaut and going into space.

Your personal blog describes a thrillionaire as someone who seeks out experiences to share with other people so that they will then strive to live life to the fullest. How does this definition describe you and why?

A thrillionaire is anyone willing to live a life as opposed to merely existing. Living a true life on your own terms and a personalized agenda is paramount. A kaleidoscope and mosaic of fun, adventures and a spiritual journey to catapult your life to the highest positive vibration.

Why did you write The Thrillionaire and what do you hope travelers will get from it?

I wanted to share my story and nurture the growth of others worldwide. I was born rich in potential and inherited a host of obstacles along the way. I wanted the reader to understand how I did combat my obstacles to gain a greater vision of life and its accomplishments.

From what I understand, you are currently in Nepal doing a 33,000-foot HALO sky dive. With a history of deep-sea dives, mountain summits, expeditions into Antarctica and adventures like the HALO sky dive, how do you keep new adventures interesting?

We know more about space then our own planet. There is still so much to do on Earth. Just last month, I visited the Naica caves deep in the Chihuahua mountains and scaled the largest crystals ever found on planet Earth. Crystals the size of redwood trees. A geological marvel similar to the fictional home of Superman.

What has been your most exciting discovery or memory while traveling?

Having lunch on the Titanic was incredibly surreal. Also sleeping in thesarcophagus in the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. I was locked in and left alone from midnight onwards. The oldest man made structure on planet Earth was my private residence for the night.

What is your advice for people who yearn for adventure but have hesitations for one reason or another?

Let go of your past and enjoy the greatness of the moment. In 30-40 years, we want to reflect back on our lives and respect ourselves. We must live life each day as if we are dying.

What’s next on your travel adventure agenda?

The International Space Station followed by a lunar stroll on the moon …

All photos courtesy of Nik Halik.


4 Responses to “7 Questions with a Thrillionaire”

  1. James NomadRip

    Thanks for that. I had not heard of him before. He appears to dislike showing off, so it’s understandable. He’s had some great experiences. I will check out his book!

  2. brian

    “We must live life each day as if we are dying.”

    Because we ARE dying everyday…slowly as it may be.

    It always take a near fatal incident or someone close to us dying for us to see that unfortunately.

  3. Nancy

    Cool interview JoAnna. Thrillionaire is a great title. Can’t believe he spent the night in the King’s Chamber at Giza.


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