Reliving Burning Man

111409 - Black and White SwirlsOf all the places in the world that I’ve traveled, Burning Man seems to intrigue people the most. Perhaps it’s the elusive nature of the festival or the inability to define something so life-altering and profound to someone who has never experienced it. Or maybe it is the contradictory fact that Burning Man is so harsh and raw and unforgiving yet so real and generous that piques people’s interest.

It’s been more than two months since I stepped off the dusty playa and back into the default world. For me, however, the default world has changed as a result of Burning Man. I’ve made drastic changes in my life and am living my dream. I am defining the default world.

As expected, lots of people still want me to tell them about Burning Man, and I’ve been asked to share my experience around the web. Here are two recent additions I thought you might enjoy:

  • Janice over at Solo Traveler was curious of about experiences of going it alone at Burning Man. As this was one of the few times I’ve traveled on my own, it got me thinking about how not lonely solo travel can be. I invite you to read Burning Man for the Solo Traveler yourself.
  • For me, Burning Man was a series of new and unexpected moments. I stepped out of my comfort zone on the playa, and I continued to try my hand at new ventures once I returned home, one of which involved working with Indie Travel Podcast master Craig Martin on a vodcast about Burning Man. I shot video at Burning Man (keep in mind that I’m definitely an amateur when it comes to this stuff, so it’s not the world’s greatest footage), then Craig watched everything I shot (poor guy … he must have incredible patience) and created a four-minute video. I got to write and record the voice over, which was a ton of fun. (Maybe I have a new career in my future … ???) After some crazy paperwork, it finally went live. Pop on over and check out our Burning Man video.

Photo courtesy of Alanna Roethle.


5 Responses to “Reliving Burning Man”

  1. Gray

    Nice! Fresh back from Honduras, and you’re still busy and prolific as ever! Branching out into travel videos is a good idea, I think. I still prefer the written word, but sometimes, it’s nice to see what it’s really like somewhere.

  2. leland

    i like the addition of video……sometimes the 2 dimensionsal picture doesn’t do it justice. thanks

  3. Nancy

    I have to admit that ever since reading about your trip to Burning Man a few months ago, the festival has piqued my interest. Thanks for the link to your article and vodcast.

    I love love this line: I am defining the default world.

    That’s what it’s all about…

  4. joshywashington

    It was sooo good to meet you at BM! There is something special about the friendships made on the playa…are you planning on going next summer?


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