I Love Las Vegas: Le Reve at the Wynn

Le Reve water Stage the wynn las vegas nevadaTraveling to Las Vegas, Nevada, isn’t complete without seeing a show on the Strip. While your choice of Las Vegas shows is vast, chances are your short list includes the classics, including any of the seven Cirque du Soleil shows, Blue Man Group, the Jersey Boys and Phantom of the Opera.

Move beyond the MGM Mirage and Venetian/Palazzo entertainment, though, and you’ll uncover a show that easily rivals any of the Cirque shows in beauty and acrobatics, holds a candle to Blue Man Group for its music, and entertains like Jersey Boys and Phantom.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable and underrated show to flesh out your Las Vegas vacation, check out Le Rêve. The show is at the Wynn in a round theatre that surrounds a pool of water. Due to the circular nature of the show, there is no bad seat.

Upon entering the theatre, you’ll be met with a single bed floating in the shimmery blue water. From there, Le Rêve (which mean “The Dream” in French) takes you on a water-filled journey through one woman’s night. More than 68 performers wow the audience for nearly two hours as synchronized swimmers hypnotize with their underwater dance, divers flip from each other’s shoulders into the water and acrobats swing from breathtaking heights. The complexity and fluidity of movement is astonishing as so many performers move around each other in the multi-dimensional space.

Le Reve Las VegasBedThe stage, which is a series of platforms raised and lowered throughout the show, sinks to an astonishing 27 feet for the highlight of the show—a single performer who drops into the water from more than 90 feet above the surface.

It should be little surprise that the former creative director of Cirque du Soleil had something to do with the creation of Le Rêve. It is fast paced and heart stopping, with little down time. Prepare to be amazed by the acrobatics that seem to top one another in difficulty (especially considering there is the added challenge of water involved). Be swept away by the music, which carries the scenes smoothly from one to the next. Watch the aisles around you as many performers appear from nowhere before diving into the water and disappearing again.

Though many of the mainstream shows on the Strip are also worth a watch, don’t let the less popular show in the Wynn throw you for a loop. For a memorable performance that will leave you wanting more, find the ultimate dream when you check out Le Rêve.

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  1. Pat the Digital Vagabond


    That sounds like a fantastic experience. A vivid dream enacted. It actually makes me want to make a stop in Vegas to see and experience it.

  2. Carrie

    How interesting. I was just looking into La Reve last month, and it sounds like an incredible experience.


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