Images from Sequoia National Park

There’s something about national park travel that brings out the nature lover in me. And there’s nothing quite like a good picture to capture the natural beauty of the United States.

Thanks to my husband with the photographic eye, here is a sampling of the beauty and splendor of Sequoia National Park in California.

Gnarled roots of a fallen giant sequoia.

black and white photo roots of sequoia tree sequoia national park california

A black bear in the meadows.

black bear sequoia national park california

Even burnt out, the sequoia snags are beautiful.

sequoia national park sequoia tree snag california

Sunlight coming through the treetops.

sepia photo sequoia national park sunlight through trees

Sunset from our campground.

sequoia national park sunset california

4 Responses to “Images from Sequoia National Park”

  1. Technomadia

    We wanted to send along our congratulations and let you know we’re excited to watch your progress in exploring what it’s like to be a vagabond!

    See you at Black Rock City in a couple months! Can’t wait to meet you in person.

    – Cherie /

  2. mary richardson

    Lovely photos. I miss the nature in California! I live in Japan now, so it’s a different kind of nature. Also nice, but no tall sequoias.

  3. Cory Haugen

    I Love these. Thanks for promoting my pics!


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