Contest: Win a One-Night Stay at a Radisson Hotel!


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126 Responses

  1. Jason Challandes says:

    For me, the best hotel is based on what is around it. The hotel just needs to take advantage of its surroundings so guests can best enjoy it. I have two favorite stays, both in Costa Rica. One, a budget friendly option, The Arenal Observatory Lodge in Central Costa Rica, is amazingly close to the active Arenal Volcano and also with huge vistas of Arenal Lake. It is a former Smithsonian research center and some rooms have full wall windows. There are beautiful gardens, a large nearby waterfall, a nice pool, monkeys and other wildlife, and a restaurant and deck with phenomenal views. The rooms are simple but comfortable.

    Second, also in Costa Rica, but on the Pacific Ocean is Arenas del Mar, where the rainforest meets the ocean. More expensive than most places I stay, but still good value compared to what you would get in most other countries. Ocean front balconies with hot tubs, amazing rooms, awesome showers, and modern furnishings are great treats, but the real attraction is the location. An amazing private beach surrounded by lush forests, monkeys that swung by our balcony, a nearby long public beach and national park, nice waves, and a perfect climate. It is a green hotel, offers complimentary electric transportation, and serves good local food.

  2. Mami2jcn says:

    I think the best time I ever had was at the Von Trapp Family Lodge (of “The Sound of Music” fame) in Vermont. It was so quaint.

  3. Alison Greene says:

    I have stayed at the Radisson in Covington, KY. The thing that made it really unique was the 360 Restaurant at the top. The restaurant rotates to show you the view of Cincinnati, OH and Covington, KY. Very unique dinner. Love it. As for the mini-fridge, there wasn’t anything in it to purchase. The beds were wonderful and the view we had was great. Loved seeing the Paul Brown Staduim, and the skyline of Cincinnati. Would love to be able to stay at another Radisson to see how they compare to the Covington, KY one.

  4. Clarissa B says:

    I’d have to say the best that comes to mind is Aria in Las Vegas, simply because the moment we opened the door and walked in the room, the curtains opened up to reveal floor-to-ceiling windows, and the TV turned on. Almost creepy, but pretty cool.

  5. Stavros says:

    The best hotel I have ever stayed is the Hilton Munich Park.

  6. Tasneem Kashem says:

    The best hotel I have so far stayed that really like about it are: It was very much decorative and colorful, the bed was smooth and comfortable with a touch of luxury, everything was neat, clean and hygienic, the service was very good, the employees working there were very polite and tried to help as much as possible regarding giving away any information the guest wanted to know for their better stay and arranging for taxi, travel around the city and they tried to help and solve any problem the guest(me) needed for a solution by taking someone’s help (because the place and city was new for me).

  7. Steve Miller says:

    Oddly (?) my best hotel experience was at the Old Village Inn in Ogunquit, Maine. Certainly it’s not a “three” or “four” star hotel as normally judged, but it just “fits” in so perfectly with Ogunquit, especially in the fall, when those from New York and Boston have withdrawn their summer seige. It just works.

  8. Nancy Hammoudian says:

    I love my Radisson points. I saved up enough points for a free nights stay and used it when I went to Philadelphia, PA. We were treated like royalty. We had a beautiful corner room that was very spacious and comfortable. But on top of that it was a Club Carlson room which included a breakfast, afternoon snacks, desserts and wine served in another very comfortable club room/business center. I had never seen that great of service, from the concierge to the bellman, and the housekeeping lady offering us an extra bottle of water because it was very hot that day. So when I travell, I look to see if there is a Radisson first.

  9. Alouise says:

    I’ve stayed at some really great hotels, and picking a favourite is hard. The hotel I stayed at in Victoria last year stands out, because I was just expecting a standard room with two Queen beds, but when I checked in they upgraded me to a suite with a King room. Being a very limited budget I usually opt for hostels or couchsurfing when I travel, so when I spend a little more to stay at a hotel it’s always nice to get something extra, like an upgrade.

  10. julie says:

    The best hotel I ever stayed in was a Best Western.. the rooms were big, clean, had an amazing view, there was complimentary breakfast, and the staff was like family!!

  11. Cindi Stanesic says:

    The Ritz Carlton in downtown Atlanta made me feel like a princess. The bed and linens were to die for and the interiors of the hotel were regal. Best night away ever.

  12. Richard R. says:

    The Old Cataract in Luxor, Egypt was resplendent in its adornment and the gardens were nothing if not fabulous. What a place, filled with history and service.

  13. Christina Whiting says:

    The Gritti Palace in Venice had a room completely filled with flowers and a view of the Grand Canal. In sitting on the patio of the hotel, one could see the boats and gondolas drift by, allowing one to dream.

  14. Jason says:

    I remember staying at a double tree overnight because my flight got to the airport late and I had no chance to get my connection. What I liked most about it is that it had a large walk in shower stall all done with tile and a nice shower head.

  15. Kevin says:

    When I went to Germany with my wife she said she booked a room in a castle called Schönburg in Oberwesel. I really didn’t know what to expect but it was the best room I have ever stayed in by far! When we first arrived we had to walk through a bunch of passageways and up stone spiral staircases to get to our room. The room had a four poster bed and it looked like the kings chambers! The room overlooked the Rhine and we just sat at the bay windows for hours slowly watching the boats make their way down the river and letting the world pass us by as we relaxed. It even had a little balcony facing the interior of the castle, but the best part, it had a medieval latrine carved out of the rock wall that emptied outside the castle gates. We didn’t use that latrine however as their was an amazing modern bathroom with two person tub with a complimentary bottle of wine and candles waiting on a ledge. We usually don’t splurge like that on hotels however it was well worth it. I don’t remember the price but I will always remember how awesome that room was!

  16. Ali W. says:

    I stayed in an awesome hotel in Savannah this year. It had great vaulted ceiling, great staff, daily happy hour, daily dessert time, and awesome staff. The location was also great, because it was within walking distance of most of the sties.

  17. Deanna Rowley says:

    We just got back from a trip to Europe and stayed in a wonderful hotel in Prague, Czech Republic called Aria. It had a great location, a private garden, excellent service, and a roomy room with a great view. Expensive—but Wonderful!

  18. Rena S says:

    We were fortunate to stay at The Pennisula and it was unbelievable. We love the turndown service where the staff sets out your toothbrush, paste, razor and shaving cream, turn down your bed, put slippers down on your bedside, a bottle of water on the nightstand, a piece of chocolate on the pillow, the lights are put down low and the turn on the radio to soothing music.

  19. Betty Macaulay says:

    Hello ,We usually stay a average priced hotels as our budget is average.. But last year our daughter who skates with Disney on Ice came to Toronto and we went to visit her and attend the show.. Wow we got to stay at the most beautiful hotel and it was right there at the center where she was performing… The staff was so gracious and the room was amazing , so clean , comfy beds with duvets, spotless bathrooms, beautiful decor.. I was so excited to be staying here and for 4 days..guess what your right it was the Radisson. Oh would I love to stay there again…

  20. Brock says:

    By far the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in was the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, BC. My girlfriend and I had just completed a cross-Canada cycling fundraiser. When the staff discovered this, they upgraded our room to a suite on a private floor (1 of 3 rooms like it in the hotel). The next day I proposed in the Rose Garden. She said yes!

  21. CarolF says:

    My husband surprised me a few years ago and booked us a room at the Delta Beausejour Penthouse Suite where the Queen stayed when she came to Moncton. It was very opulent. The bed was beyond king never seen such a large bed and the decor in the living room and dining room was amazing….The jazucci tub had an amazing view of Moncton. We had chocolates and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. WOW!!

  22. THe best hotel I stayed at wasn’t because it was the fanciest or most expensive but was the Marriott for our wedding. We got upgraded to a suite from our regular room rate, we had chocolates and champagne, late check-out option…the whole experience made it the best. They went out of their way to also grant all our requests!

  23. vanessa says:

    The best hotel in the World is Radisson in Aruba. We go there every year for 2 weeks. This will be our 10th year doing this trip. They have low turnover with the staff therefore the staff remebers us every year and says “Welcome Home” and it certaintly feels like home. The staff bends over backwards to make sure you have a great stay.

  24. Johnny says:

    Best hotel I have stayed is Aria in Las Vegas. It has all the great amenities including spa, indoor swimming pool, and some good restaurants to choose from. Of course, the casino is a big plus as well. 🙂

  25. Krystal says:

    The best hotel I stayed at was the trump hotel. The stay was beautiful and so was the view overlooking the ocean. We had a gorgeous bathroom, a roomy balcony, and room service that was to die for. They had a nice living room area so our guests could relax comfortably without having to sit on the bed, The pool was decadent the jacuzzi was exquisite and warmed us like marshmallows in hot chocolate. I loved the ambiance and the friendly service at the valet.

  26. Lesley D. says:

    The best hotel my husband and I ever stayed at was Albert at Bay in Ottawa, ON. We were on our Honeymoon road-trip, and started off here first. I’m thinking this hotel may have been an apartment building at one time. The rooms that face the river are your best bet. The living room/dining room area is spacious, our suite had 2 bathrooms, and a spacious kitchen with full size appliances.
    Reception desk had very a friendly and helpful employee who showed us maps and routes of where to go to see tourist attractions, and the best restaurants!

  27. Shelley McIvor says:

    The COHO Oceanfront Hotel in Lincoln City, Oregon. Walking in the door of the room you get this magnificient view of the Pacific Ocean….the wall to wall windows draw you out to the balconey to enjoy the scenery up & down the coast. Our room had a cosy fireplace for the blustery evenings and a huge bathroom with a fold away shutter from the bathroom so you could soak in the tub & still enjoy the view. A huge walk in shower and plush robes completed the package. Set up on the bluffs but close access to the beach drive made for an awesome experience.

  28. Kelly Kerby says:

    The most amazing hotel experience of my life was staying at the Plaza Athene in Paris, France. I was traveling with my parents while in college and my dad was bound and determined to pass through and spend at least one night in Paris. For some reason, nearly every hotel was booked. He ended up renting a suite at this hotel with two balconies with the most perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. It was a once in a lifetime experience and can only be described as perfection. The hotel lobby, rooms, bars and common areas are breath taking. This hotel is a great mix of an old grand hotel and a hip and fun scene. Concierge and service is outstanding.

  29. Linda Poplees says:

    My late husband booked a mini suite with kitchen and fireplace at a nearby Marriott for the last valentine’s day we shared together. The room was warm and cozy and the staff was very friendly. It had an indoor pool and rec room and free breakfast. It was wonderful.

  30. Elisabeth says:

    My husband and I visited Paris this past summer and stayed at the Bourg Tibourg Hotel in the Marais area. I know this sounds weird but I really loved the way it smelled in the lobby area, it definitely set the mood for the hotel.

  31. Drew Riebhoff says:

    Gaylord Opreyland in Nashville.

    It’s its own little city. With shops, food, a botanical garden of sorts, a night club and more. I’ve been there multiple times for multiple conferences and have always discovered something new.

  32. Adrian Landry says:

    We stayed at Maya Imperial Valentin in Mexico,we could feel the warmth as soon as we got off the bus at the hotel champain was ready for us the staff was very friendly an accomadating always a big smile on there face,the resort is beautiful with its amazing gardens, large pool an water bar,food was excellent the restaurant a la carte was very nice the beaches,the music the rooms at the hotel it was paradise.

  33. Susan Bowles says:

    The best hotel I have stayed at was the Hilton at Niagara Falls years ago. We had a great view of the Falls. I have not been so fortunate as to have traveled in the past few years, so a night in a fantastic hotel would be a dream.

  34. Wendy Kroy says:

    I had a very nice stay at a Hyatt on Kauai. The staff was so nice, and the location was incredible. Breaching humpback whales right in front of the hotel cannot be beat.

  35. Chloe says:

    My favorite hotel was at the Atlantis, in the Bahamas. I was only ten years old, but it left such a lasting impression on me that I told my family that I wanted to work there someday. I was fascinated by the grandiose exterior and the fantastic water park attached to the hotel – every water slide was perfect for the whole family. I’m currently studying hotel management and I’m loving every minute of it!

  36. veRONIca says:

    The best hotel I ever stayed at was a comfortable one in Ottawa. But the thing that made it special was they had water slides in their humongous pool. We spent hours playing in the water and then spent a wonderful evening just relaxing on the beds and watching television. Lots of family memories made that weekend!

  37. Holly C. says:

    I think the best was the Hilton Garden Inn in NYC. loved the view of Broadway and the staff was super nice!

  38. Erica says:

    My greatest stay was at a Best Western in North Mississippi back in Dec 2005. It was the night before Christmas Eve and I was staying there because my husband was flying in the Christmas Eve day coming home from Iraq. His deployment was over and he was coming home. That little motel room with the one bed, the bad shower and the broken remote control and no alarm clock never looked so amazing to me. We even stayed even stayed one more night so that we could surprise our kids. That was the greatest little motel stay ever. Ever time we travel that way and pass it we just smile at one another and hold hands. Good memories!!

  39. SM says:

    The Westin Maui – Ka’anapali was the best hotel I’ve stayed at. Why? Staff was amazing, free breakfast every morning, and oh yeah it was right on the beach. It was amazing.

  40. Christina says:

    One of my favorites was the Mariott in Cancun. I loved the spa as well as the view of the Caribbean and the huge pool complex from my room.

  41. Teresa says:

    One of my favourite hotel stays was in the Radisson in downtown Pittsburg a few years back. We were there as a group for a wedding and the service and accommodation we were given, was second to none. We were treated like royalty!

  42. Joanne M. says:

    The best hotel I ever stayed at was up near Monterey. I wish I could remember what it was called. The rooms were more like little cabins and it was so beautiful. It was awesome ordering breakfast in our room in the morning.

  43. ryan scott says:

    the best hotel i ever stayed was the radisson in winnipeg i have been going for quite some time mainl for a convention that is held their every may long weekend and with all the renovations that have gone on, it only made the radisson that much better the staff are awesome will do anything to make my stay a good one the food at the resturant is realy good alittle pricey but good, i would not go anywhere without staying in a radisson hotel e ver again i just love the radisson

  44. MeganG says:

    Several years ago, the Conrad Bangkok had some terrific rates, inspiring me to visit Thailand for the first time.

    Because of my then-Diamond status, I was given an upgrade to a Deluxe Executive Suite. It was INCREDIBLE – six interior doors, 1.5 baths, floor-to-ceiling windows, clawfoot tub, marble rain shower, walk-in closet. It was so BIG, I slept with lights on the first couple of nights.

    I also had access to the Executive Lounge where they offered a fabulous breakfast spread, afternoon tea, evening appetizers and desserts.

    I lived like royalty that week!

  45. Roberta D. says:

    Our hotel in California near Disney. Our family and my parents liked the clean rooms. What really impressed me were the staff. So friendly, going just that extra step to make our visit special.

  46. Claire says:

    Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort for the relaxing place and great staff

  47. Jonathan says:

    One of my favorite hotels was the Hilton hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was large and spacious. Everything in the hotel was beautiful and the staff was very friendly. There were no problems in the hotel room, and the beds were heavenly. I enjoyed the hotel’s restaurant I dined in, and the wine was great. Just don’t touch any of the temptations in the room! The waters and goodies are expensive!

  48. Geoffrey Barnes says:

    Sea World Nara Resort, Main Beach, Gold Coast Australia when my wife and I were on our Honeymoon. The staff spoiled us with a room with a better view, lots of food vouchers, vouchers for a lot of the tourist attractions and a free limo when the bus that was meant to pick us up never showed. 🙂

  49. LINDA DOWDY says:

    Last Spring my daughter and I stayed at the Live Aqua in Cancun. The in-room amenities were numerous including CD Player, Direct Dial Telephone, DVD Player, Hair Dryer,
    In-Room Safe, Continuously Stocked Mini Bar, Satellite Television, iPod Dock, Iron/Ironing Board, Flat-Screen Television, Luxury Lines, Coffee & Tea Facilities In-Room, Luxury Bath Amenities.
    There were three restaurants that offered gourmet food, preparation and presentation was exceptional.
    What made this stay so awesome wasn’t all the numerous amenities,it was every single person on the staff. They were all kind, warm, very friendly and eager to be helpful and provide exceptional service. Everyone employed there took their position very seriously!

  50. Bob says:

    The Outrigger on the Beach in Honolulu Hawaii was just awesome. We had a room with both ocean view and city view. The staff was so very nice and friendly and helpful. One of the best vacations we have ever had. From the time of check in until we had to say goodbye, it was so close to every thing. We would give this hotel 5 stars.

  51. Jay Hawk says:

    We had a wonderful stay at the Hilton San Francisco Financial District! Fantastic room upgrade with awesome views!

  52. Colin says:

    The Hilton Bonnet Creek at Disney World. It’s nothing amazing but it was so great to find somewhere to stay that was a little more adult orientated and upscale but still really fun on the Disney World property!

  53. John Ruda says:

    The Montage Laguna Beach was the best hotel experience. Amazing grounds, high touch service, comfortable room with L-shaped sofa, great amenities, free access to spa facilities.

  54. Hilary says:

    We loved our stay in a one-bedroom villa with a private pool at the Conrad Koh Samui! Beautiful new resort facing due west to enjoy the golden sunsets of the Gulf of Thailand.

  55. Jake Meyers says:

    My tent

  56. Laval says:

    Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort, Phoenix, Arizona was a nice play to stay, especially for the water park

  57. Karen Simpson says:

    Great Hotel Great Contest!

  58. I know this sounds odd, but its possible that the best hotel is the one I didn’t stay at last week. Last week, I was supposed to go to Singapore, and stay at the Grand Hyatt there. Since i’ve been so lucky to be a “diamond” gold passport member at Hyatt, that room was a duplex suite, 1387 square feet. Unfortunately, due to hurricane sandy, I had to cancel my trip. ok… I had some fabulous hyatt stays, including the palace dahau in Buenos Aires, but I still think my favorite stay was at a Kimpton hotel – the Monaco in Portland, OR – Kimptons really do make you feel like family, and their wine hour just brings people together in a fabulous way. Oh… I could keep going…. but I won’t. check out my blog when you get a chance. Also, I’m katruns26point2 on twitter. have a great day.

  59. Tina M says:

    nikko hotel at Tokyo!! Best hotel!!

  60. Bradley B. says:

    The best hotel stays are determined by who you’re staying with.

  61. Sharon Whitaker says:

    The best hotel I ever stayed in was the Drake Hotel in Chicago, beautiful decorations, top notch service and wonderful food.

  62. DeaconMac says:

    The best, most memorable hotel we’ve stayed in was the parador in Alarcan, Spain. Paradors are government-run hotels typically located in historic buildings such as old castles, monasteries and palaces. They are quite reasonable considering the settings. This one was an 800-year-old stone castle sitting high on a hillside overlooking a winding river. It was originally built to protect the little town of Alarcan which is now mostly a quiet resort village. At night, we went up on the parapets to star gaze. The dining hall was right out of Don Quixote with generous servings of Iberian ham, roast pig and mutton. One of the most romantic places we have ever stayed!

  63. kfloveinme says:

    The best hotel I’ve ever stayed at is Pueblo Bonito Pacifica in Los Cabos. This is place was amazing! The staff was incredible, the hotel was beautiful, the food..wowzer! We loved it do much that we decided to have our wedding there next year. Can’t wait to go back!

  64. Danielle Frechette says:

    the best hotel I have ever stayed at was the gaylord opryland in nashville. the inside of this hotel (especially at christmas) is absolutely beautiful, and there are a ton of great food places right within the lobby area as well!

  65. Lon Petrini says:

    The best hotel I have ever stayed at was The Village Inn in Harrisonburg,VA. Their staff is always so friendly and there rooms are spacious.

  66. Janice Lynds says:

    The Fairmont Winnipeg. The staff was wonderful and we even had a fruit tray waiting for us at arrival.

  67. Christina says:

    The Best Hotel I stayed at was the Peobody Hotel in Memphis Tennessee when I was 15. I won a trip through ten pin bowling as a youth bowler. The hotel’s lobby was gorgeous with a big marble floor and they had ducks on the roof of the hotel and the room I stayed in had a big bed.

  68. Jenna Christianson says:

    The best hotel I have stayed at was the Radisson in historic downtown fargo, North Dakota. It was a very relaxing stay with very friendly staff. The rooms are European inspired with beautiful furnishing. And all the goodies in the mini fridge were free which was very nice as other hotels I have stayed at they were not. With its convenient location, I was also able to enjoy some downtown shopping during my stay. Also, with it being an 18 story building, the views were amazing!

  69. A clean room with a comfortable bed to go back to after a long day of traveling is best to me. If I have to choose the nicest hotel I;ve been to, I’d go with the Moorea Pearl Resorts. Gorgeous grounds, room and scenery. We got it for a great deal due to a promo with Air Tahiti Nui which also made it worthwhile!

  70. KATHRYN says:

    My favourite hotel is The Edgewater in Duluth, Minnesota.
    There is a waterpark, mini golf, outdoor pool and fire pit. You can borrow bikes and ride the lakewalk all the way to the harbour to watch the boats. They have a wonderful complimentary breakfast and 2 for one drinks every evening. There is an arcade and concession that sells my favourite treat – dippin dots!

  71. Laura V. says:

    One of the best stays ever was Hilton Garden Inn, Starkville. We had been to a bowl game to watch our team play and this hotel was clean and so nice. The staff was great too 🙂

  72. James Merrill says:

    The best hotel I’ve ever stayed in was El Dorado Maroma Beach in the Playa del Carmen area of Mexico on our honeymoon. Simply an amazing beach and the staff were awesome.

  73. Alaine says:

    The best hotel I ever stayed in was Hotel Burnham in Chicago. It was a boutique hotel with so much character and friendly staff.

  74. Blue Diamond Resort on the Riviera Maya. Indoor/outdoor showers, luxury living space, patio on the river. Stunning.

  75. Lauren says:

    The best hotel I ever stayed at was great because they let me check-in early after my red-eye flight so I got some much appreciated shut-eye!

  76. Arnold says:

    The best hotel was Le Meridian Pyramids in Cairo with an amazing view of the Great Pyramids!

  77. Lesley says:

    The best hotel I ever stayed at was the W Austin Hotel during South by Southwest because it was so close to all of the action

  78. Shelley says:

    My best hotel experience was at the La perle du Dades in the Dades Valley in Morocco. The views were gorgeous, the room was spacious with fun and exotic decor, fantastic food, great ambiance…and I could go on and on. It was truly an experience. We were sad to only be staying there for one night!

  79. Coleman says:

    So many..but Hard Rock Orlando….Universal so close!

  80. Wendys Hat says:

    I’ve stayed at many as well and find it hard to decide which was THE BEST but a top hotel would be The Intercontinental Carlton in Cannes Frances because of it’s glamor and location!

  81. Dave Golden says:

    The best hotel I have ever stayed at was the Chicago Blu. Every need was met – every request was solved. The restaurant was great and even the lobby was lively. We look forward to going back!

  82. Sandeep says:

    The ITC Royal Gardenia in Bangalore is probably the best hotel I have stayed at. Gorgeous rooms, phenomenal service and pretty good location.

  83. Camille says:

    The best hotel I’ve stayed in was near Petra, Jordan. The entire hotel was set up like a little village with shops, restaurants and the rooms were the “houses”. It was so quaint and fun to just relax for a few evenings after a long day of hiking!

  84. Sarah V. says:

    I like chain hotels because they are (for the most part) consistent, which is great for people like me who travel with a child.

    However, my all-time favorite hotel is the Thunderbird Hotel in tiny Marfa, Texas. I loved the way it was decorated…kind of Donald Judd meets the American Southwest.

  85. Alexis L says:

    The best hotel I’ve ever stayed at was the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in Tanzania. The scenery was breathtaking, animals wandered the property, and the accommodations were very luxurious.

  86. Parker Palm Springs. Best Hotel EVER! Amazing staff, deluxe accommodations, boutique setting and kitschy chic decor!

  87. Dina says:

    I’ve stayed at many hotels and some I loved for the experience, location, or event. A truly great hotel experience that related directly to the hotel was the Wynn in Las Vegas. The hotel is visually stunning in about all ways that you could expect. The views from the room, the hotel common areas (I love the butterflies), and the casino. The hotel staff was very nice and helpful. The Spa was very relaxing and delightful – well worth the money spent. I also found the restaurants including the buffett to be very delicious.

    It was a wonderful experience. 🙂

  88. Ncfooted says:

    The best amenity I ever experienced was a FREE cd lending library. Traveling with kids, this is awesome!! It was a candle wood suites in fayetteville.

  89. Ang says:

    I loved the Andaz West Hollywood. Service was awesome, the mini fridge was stacked with juices, soda and beer, and my room had a great view!

  90. Amanda Halm says:

    The best hotel I stayed at (or one of them anyway) delivered breakfast to the door in a little basket while I slept. So no waiting in line or getting the last picked-over bagel in the bunch.

  91. Susan E says:

    The most memorable hotel was the Banff Springs Hotel. We didn’t have a reservation there and my mom decided to roll the dice and see what rooms they had available. They gave us a suite at the regular rate and we had the most amazing room ever—it was a corner unit with a view to die for. The room was quite large and even had a jacuzzi tub which was the first one I’d ever seen. We enjoyed the Canadian view and had one of the best vacations I can ever remember as a kid!

  92. John says:

    Best hotel was in Tsalvo National Park, Kenya. Rooms were huts up on stilts that looked over a watering hole & salt lick. At night many African animals came. Amazing stay.

  93. Ellie says:

    A little motel not far from the Auckland Airport. The hotel owner invited us to his home for dinner and to meet his family

  94. Mike says:

    A Raddisson Salt Lake City was memorable. Had two days of great skiing with my father.

  95. Jenny says:

    We got bumped from a flight and had an amazing stay at a IHG property down near Times Square. Staff was friendly and the courtesy evening reception was amazing

  96. Chris says:

    My wife and I have stayed at The Mission Inn in Riverside, CA.
    We just find it to be a very cool older building with lots of secret passages and amazing architectural designs.

  97. John King says:

    My favorite hotel stay was at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. We were upgraded to a jacuzzi room with views of the frozen St. Lawrence River, took a private hotel tour, and borrowed the Frontenac’s dog for an afternoon walk.

  98. Mike C says:

    The best hotel I ever stayed at was in Seoul, South Korea. Location was in the downtown core near a subway station. Free airport shuttle (its a 1h drive from the International Airport and a $90 cab ride). All you can eat breakfast with hard-boiled eggs. Room had a 42″ plasma. And all for $75 a night.

  99. ej says:

    Las Vegas Caesar’s Palace Augustus Tower. Gorgeous room, beautiful bathroom with separate small room for toilet. Excellent toiletries. Lush bathrobes. But, best of all, a perfect view of the Bellagio fountains.

  100. Crystal says:

    I have two favorite hotels, and for two very different reasons.

    As far as best hotel experience I’ve had, the Green Tortoise in Seattle wins. It’s right on Pike Place, near the bustling market and wharf. It’s in downtown Seattle, and I was a little wary at first since downtown areas don’t usually interest me as much as more off the beaten path places. But being in the market made you feel like you were transported to a small town main street market, with all the perks of being close to subways and buses. The hostel style rooms, game rooms, movie area and homemade breakfast immediately brought a sense of community within the hotel. Almost everyone that stayed there sat and had breakfast together every morning which is rare even in the smallest of hostels and hotels.

    The W in Union Square NYC was a completely opposite experience, but was equally memorable. Located in the heart of Union Square, this hotel was elegant and modern while still remaining fun. The staff were all friendly and enthusiastic, the rooms were luxurious, and the enormous windows left me people watching for hours.

  101. sy ochoa says:

    The best hotel I ever stayed at was the Radisson on Fishermans Wharf San Francisco. It was so close to everything and practically right on the wharf hot spots.

  102. tiffany l says:

    the andaz in london b/c the minibar goodies were free–and you need that in a city as expensive as london!

  103. linda c says:

    We stayed at the Bali Hyatt in Sanur, Bali indonesia. The staff were amazingly warm, and friendly. When we arrived the manager called us over and told us our room was not available & was it OK to upgrade us to the Presidential Suite? The presidential suite was unbelieveable, what an amazing experience. It was a two story room, with multiple decks and terraces, a stocked refrigerator, a dining room, fresh fruit and flowers, snacks that get restocked, a bathroom the size of a bedroom, and a fantastic view of the beach. We never wanted to leave. This was a hotel we will remember for the rest of our lives.

  104. Eric W says:

    My best hotel stay was the Le Meredien in Khao Lak bc I was staying in a private pool bungalow.

  105. Red Hunt says:

    I stayed at the Sheraton Full Moon resort in the Maldives, which was unlike any other place I’ve been. Right on the beach, over water bungalows everywhere, great restaurants and outdoor showers…. paradise!

  106. Rich A says:

    Nusa Dua Resort and Spa was the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in. GREAT breakfast buffet, big rooms with lots of teak wood and the largest, most beautiful bathroom anywhere.

  107. lindsey says:

    The best hotel I have stayed in was the Blue Palace in Crete. They gave us a free upgrade to a beautiful suite with our own private pool that was in the MIDDLE of our suite. The room had amazing tiling details on the walls.. and the views were stunning. we had so much privacy. It was amazing.

  108. Biggles209 says:

    Andaz 5th Avenue, NY. Interesting rooms, great breakfast, and fantastic staff

  109. Russ p says:

    Wife and I stayed at the Marriott Denver Airport after a long weekend of skiing. The heavenly bed was just what are tired, sore bodies needed!

  110. Frank says:

    The Soho Beach House Miami!

  111. Joshua Grode says:

    I loved Hotel Europeo in Managura, Nicaragua. It was beautiful with a great pool and patio.

  112. Al says:

    The best hotel for me is the Live Aqua Spa and Resort in Cancun. It is an all-inclusive hotel with very attentive staff and amazing spread of food.

  113. Jacob says:

    Mine would be the Courtyard Marriott in Miami, Florida. It had just finished reconstruction so had virtually new rooms. The best part: It had 2 bathrooms! For a married couple sharing a room that is a huge bonus and blessing!

  114. Wendy T says:

    Such a bittersweet question. The answer makes me feel guilty.

    The best hotel was Trump International. I imagine it’d be amazing any time you were a guest there, but they really rolled out the red carpet for us. You see, my then eleven year old daughter wanted to go there as her last wish (brain cancer). She’d been watching “The Apprentice” with me and Trump left quite an impression. When I looked up the reservations, my heart sunk. There was no way I could make that happen…at least by myself.

    I called the hotel and explained. They gave me a HECK of a discount. The trip was scheduled for November 21, 2004. I don’t even know how to say this next part — Olivia passed away on November 18, 2004 (eight years ago today). I had three other children who had lost their sister and were anticipating the trip. So somehow, we went. And when the hotel found out the guest of honor was not with us and why, they left no detail and kindness untouched.

    Thanks for letting me share of all days.

  115. Patrick Brockett says:

    My best experience was at the Hilton Calvaleri Hotel overlooking the Vatican in Rome. In 2005 my wife and I were doing research in Spain and had the week of Semanta Santa off, so we went to Rome. I traded in every Hilton point I had been saving for decades and we secured a room for Easter week. Upon arrival we upgraded to the Concierge’s level for $100 per night (the best purchase ever). We got free breakfast, lunch and dinner for both us and our son for the entire trip, which really more than paid for the upgrade. Then the Concierge was able to get us tickets to go to the Easter Services at St. Peters Basilica. It was Pope John Paul’s last Easter service, and although he did not officiate, we could see him from his window. It was magical the entire trip.

  116. Carolsue says:

    I think the best hotel I ever stayed in was the Omni in New Orleans. I loved how big the room was and how close it was to everything. It had a great swimming pool and they gave away free breakfast coupons for Beignets and coffee evey morning at Cafe Du Monde. It was during the “off season” so we got a fantastic rate!

  117. I’m not sure if it’s the absolute best I’ve ever stayed in, but it’s definitely one of the best of the recent places I’ve stayed: The Ballastone Inn in Savannah. It’s a beautiful historic bed and breakfast, and you can just soak up the history in the place. It feels very old South-meets-Victorian-England (as much of Savannah does). They provide a full made-to-order breakfast, high tea, early evening hors d’oeuvres, and port and sherry to round out the evening. Our bathroom had a massive whirlpool tub, and we had an amazing view from the fourth floor. Plus, there’s rumors that the B&B is haunted (which I love, though I didn’t see a ghost). Wish I could have stayed there more than 2 nights!

  118. Liz MacDonald says:

    The best hotel experience was at the W Westwood California. We got upgraded to a nice suite and were brought hot popcorn and other goodies during our stay. The hotel had a beautiful pool with cabanas and the rooms were spacious.

  119. Catherine Robichaud says:

    The best hotel I’ve stayed in would have to be The Hotel Maya in Long Beach, California. It wasn’t that it was the most elaborate by any means it was just different from the regular cookie-cutter hotel rooms. Each room was designed uniquely and beautifully decorated.

  120. Kat says:

    The best hotel I ever stayed at was The Royal Plaza Hotel in Lake Buena Vista, FL. I was around 10 years old, on a family vacation to Disney World and Epcot Center, and this was THE biggest trip of my decade old lifetime. I was floored that the hotel had both Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man video games in the game room. Plus, I just about died and went to heaven when I saw that there was a live band playing poolside! Fast forward 30 years, and I am still trying to recapture the excitement that I felt on that trip.

  121. Gena says:

    I once got to stay at the Loew’s Hotel in Hollywood. That was a NICE hotel. First it was free for me, which is awesome but other than that the rooms were great and the lobby always had fresh lemonade and it was the best lemonade EVER!!

  122. Melody says:

    My favorite hotel stay was when I stayed in a Suite on the 66th floor of the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas for my birthday. My aunt was working there at the time and paid for our first night and got us a sweet discount on our other nights. The room was more like an apartment, which a CA king – amazingly comfy, a “living area” with a bar and even a dishwasher! The bathroom was amazing, it had a giant tub with jets in addition to the shower and a big bathroom area which was important for the 6 girls getting ready to go out in Vegas! And how can I forget the balcony?! It had an amazing view of the strip and overlooked the Bellagio fountain, so we could see the fountain show every half hour or so. My aunt also surprised my and had room service bring up and amazing cake, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne for my Birthday! Definitely felt like royalty!

  123. Sarah says:

    My favorite hotel stay ever was at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach. Partly, it was because I was there for my sister’s wedding, so of course it was a raging party the whole time, but also because of the in-room espresso machine. Oh man, such a small thing, but SO lovely to have some in-room coffee that doesn’t taste like foot. The sweet jacuzzi tub in my room and the free beach cruiser rentals weren’t bad, either.

  124. Uri says:

    The best hotel I ver stayed in was the Hilton Queen of Sheba iN Eilat. It was my first time in a “real hilton” and I was totally impressed.

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