I Love Las Vegas: Fantasy at the Luxor

I Love Las Vegas: Fantasy at the LuxorThere are a myriad of Las Vegas shows, and if you want to see one, just take your pick. From comedy and acrobatics to full-blown stage shows and family-friendly favorites, I’ve seen a bunch of them. This past week I had a chance to see Fantasy for the first time, which is the fifth topless revue I’ve been to in Las Vegas and definitely one of the best ones I’ve seen.

Now entering its 13th year, Fantasy features eight dancers each night as well as a fabulous emcee/singer named Lorena Peril and comedic relief Sean E. Cooper. The show moves quickly through 15 dance numbers that have the potential to evoke the ideal “fantasy” involving beautiful topless women. They’re outfitted in cowboy gear and rough-and-tough leather, and of course there is an obligatory bedroom scene. Some numbers involve a single woman, such as the one that evokes Jessica Rabbit, and others include the full cast. One number features a talented pole dancer and another involves the classic scarf acrobatics that are common in variety shows across Las Vegas.

Between these numbers, Lorena and Sean easily interact with the audience through comedy, conversation and other elements of performance. We found ourselves laughing throughout the show at Lorena and Sean’s antics, and the girls were talented dancers (though I could have done without the lip syncing). One of the best parts of the show, I thought, was how tastefully the topless components were choreographed. For some reason, other topless shows seem to have this feeling where suddenly there is a need to take clothes off just for the heck of it, but the transformation from covered to unclothed is practically seamless and not at all in your face in Fantasy, which I appreciate. Also, a few other burlesque shows on the Strip have the tendency to feel awkward when the energy lags, but Fantasy powers through with energy from the beginning to the end and there are no slow or awkward moments. In fact, the show kept a consistent and constant pace, and I was surprised at how quickly the time went by.

Fantasy is held in an intimate theater in Luxor Las Vegas, so regardless of where you sit, the action is pretty much front and center. Like any show held in a small theatre in Las Vegas, there is the danger of being pulled from the audience to participate onstage, so steer clear of the front row if you’d rather not appear as part of the show.

The show is nightly at 10:30 p.m. Tickets for Fantasy Las Vegas start at $39.

Fantasy website | My admission to Fantasy was comped, but all opinions are my own.

Photo credit: Tom Donoghue

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I Love Las Vegas: Fantasy at the Luxor
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I Love Las Vegas: Fantasy at the Luxor

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3 Responses

  1. Alex Smith says:

    I might give Fantasy a drop someday and see for myself what makes it so special.hehehe

  2. Fantasy is my FAVORITE show in Vegas — maybe because it was the first one I ever saw, just before moving there seven years ago. It was much, much better than the topless Crazy Horse (which I slept through). I agree with your recommendation!

  3. JoAnna says:

    Great to hear from you! There are so many options out there that I’m sure there are a few people who aren’t so fond of Fantasy, but I thought it was great. Glad to hear you enjoyed it too.

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