Run, Bike, Zip and Swim at the Urban Adventure Games


JoAnna is a globe-trotting, idea-inventing, culture-collecting creativity connoisseur with a global family of foreign exchange students and rescue pets. You can also find JoAnna at

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10 Responses

  1. Abby says:

    Um, WHEN did you do this? You are so adventurous!! I am exhausted reading this, as I sit in my comfy hotel room bed. Some of the activities sound so fun — it’d be really cool to be part of the team that creates the whole thing, too.

    • JoAnna says:

      The end of July ~ just a couple weekends ago! We had a lot of fun, and I think the best part is that it’s all so secretive. It’d be a lot of fun to be on the committee that decides on the checkpoints and challenges – and it would be a lot of fun! Imagine how many volunteers and law enforcement officers it takes to make sure people can safely get around the city.

  2. Randy Kalp says:

    Sounds like my kind of race. 🙂 Congrats on the finish!

  3. So fun! I would love to do something like this.

  4. How fun! And I still haven’t done any stand-up paddle boarding… maybe when the weather gets a little nicer here in Oz 🙂

  5. Turtle says:

    That sounds like so much fun! The only thing that would’ve made it better is Phil Keoghan waiting for you at the end! 🙂

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