Images: Natural Bridge State Park | Kentucky

Natural Bridge State Park is a burst of color in the springtime with more than 100 species of wildflowers, and apparently the winter months are just as stunning with the skeleton of the park exposed to visitors. Located in eastern Kentucky near the Red River Gorge, Natural Bridge State Park is best known for its natural bridge.

The moniker of a natural bridge is actually an inaccurate one as it was weathering and erosion and not water that created this feature. This means its actually a natural arch standing 65 feet high and 75 long that draws the attention of tens of thousands of visitors annually. (This is one of only 180 natural arches in Natural Bridge State Park, but it is the largest.) The park’s most popular trail, the .75-mile Original Trail leads from the lodge to the arch and has undergone its own wear and tear over the years. Though you can walk beneath the natural bridge and over the top of it, I think the best places in the park are those that offer sweeping views of not only the natural bridge but also the dense forest that spreads across the 2,250 acres of preserved wilderness.

Images: Natural Bridge State Park | Kentucky

My visit to Natural Bridge State Park was made possible by the Kentucky adventure tourism board but all opinions are my own.

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Images: Natural Bridge State Park | Kentucky
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Images: Natural Bridge State Park | Kentucky

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