Best of Kaleidoscopic Wandering 2011

drinking from a coconutWith 2012 knocking on my back door, I figured it would be appropriate to take a journey through the last 365 days of Kaleidoscopic Wandering. This travel blog has been going strong for two-and-a-half years now with a variety of narratives, advice, interviews and insights into tripping around the globe.

This year I started my travels with a trip to Baja California, Mexico, where I went whale watching in Magdalena Bay. Shortly thereafter, I met my dad in Costa Rica for a trip packed with hiking excursions. In March, I visited the Cook Islands for the first time. Though I don’t care for the word “paradise,” if I had to pinpoint it on a map, it might be located here.

Early in the summer, I took a trip to Vancouver, Canada, for a conference, then made it home just in time to hop into the car with my husband for an epic 35-day road trip that took us through 19 states and two Canadian provinces. Highlights of our trip included visiting the Distillery District in Toronto, wine tasting near Niagara Falls, catching a Washington Nationals baseball game and watching fireworks in Washington D.C. on the 4th of July.

Upon returning home, I enjoyed a whirlwind of trips beginning with one in the Riviera Maya focused on environmental issues. Then I popped up to northern Nevada where I got to ride in a hot air balloon for the very first time. This was followed by a super inspirational weekend at the Mighty Summit near San Francisco and a trip to Oklahoma City for the Travel Media Showcase.

Except for a brief trip to Los Angeles for another conference, I spent the vast majority of the fall at home, catching up on current projects and preparing for new projects. This month, however, I enjoyed nearly a week in Naples, Florida, with my parents. A day after arriving home, I was back on a plane, this time for a totally and completely relaxing vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

costa rica waterfallEven with my busy travel schedule, I’ve managed to squeeze in three posts a week on Kaleidoscopic Wandering. The most popular three of the year were:

In addition to these three popular pieces, I published several others that I’m particularly proud of. They may not have gotten the love of the masses, but these four pieces are among my favorites from 2011:

This year I also introduced the Here’s a Question for You series, a roundtable discussion of travel-related topics. It’s never too late to join the conversation!

As always, thank you for reading Kaleidoscopic Wandering. This blog would not exist without you. Stay tuned in 2012 for new trips (insider tip: Iceland is on the horizon), new content and tons of travel inspiration!

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11 Responses to “Best of Kaleidoscopic Wandering 2011”

  1. Laura

    Love the retrospection! Sounds like you had a year of travel to diverse places. Can’t wait to hear about Iceland!

  2. Cam

    Did I fall asleep and miss your 35-day road trip?!?
    Looks like you had an amazing year of travel that you should be very proud of. All the best for 2012!

    • JoAnna

      Not sure where you were during the road trip … though, admittedly, I spent a lot of time focused on the trip and less to the online world. We were gone the later half of June and a good portion of July. I’m looking forward to 2012!

  3. Abby

    What a wonderful year, JoAnna! Cheers to 2012!!

  4. Spencer Spellman

    Great connecting this year JoAnna! Look forward to what 2012 holds for you. Onward and upward!

    • JoAnna

      Thanks Spence! Same to you!

    • JoAnna

      It has been a busy year! Can’t wait to see what 2012 holds for me!


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