Here’s a Question for You: Week 36


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  1. Jill says:

    Though not in a national park, I have to go with Niagara Falls. For sheer power, able to be viewed up close & personal, nothing beats it. (Note, however, I’m not considering anything I haven’t seen personally, which leaves out a lot of the international possibilities) I also consider the continued existence of the manatee to be nothing short of miraculous – thanks to the conservation efforts of some very dedicated groups.

  2. leland says:

    oh,,,u make this really tough……i am impressed with zion….but what about the sequoia trees????….and arches national park????… of the greatest natural wonder of the past had to be the migration of the buffalo or the passenger pigeons….maybe the caribou in alaska now???….i guess that it would be difficult for me to pick out just one….we truly are blessed with natural wonders in this country….

  3. The Northern Lights, seen from above the arctic circle. We tend to think of natural wonders in terms of a permanent structure of formation, but this beautiful (although transitory) show is mother nature at her finest.

    • JoAnna says:

      Great addition, Mary Jo. Word has it I have seen the Northern Lights before, but I don’t recall it at all. I’d definitely like to see them again.

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