Contest: Win Two Three-Day Go City Cards

Contest: Win Two Three Day Go City CardsAny time I visit a city during my travels, one of the hardest things I have to decide is which sites I should see and which ones I should skip. Though this is often due to a lack of time in any one place, the other major hurdle I have with city exploration is how expensive it can be to squeeze in several museums, exhibits or galleries into a few days.

Enter the Go City Card, an awesome way to see a lot of things for a relatively low cost, given how many things these cards cover. They are available for purchase through Smart Destinations, which offers these cards and a variety of other passes to explore several notable sites for one low price in one– or multi-day increments.

For example, check out all of the Los Angeles attraction deals you’ll find with the L.A. card, and the Go Card Chicago covers museums, lake cruises, aquariums, planetariums and more. If you can fit it into the time allotment you’ve bought, you can visit the attraction at no additional cost beyond what you’ve paid for your Go City Card.

I’ve never used a Go City Card myself, so I can’t vouch for how well they work and if they’re cost effective (though they seem fairly straight forward if used wisely), but the folks at Smart Destinations have offered to give one of the readers of Kaleidoscopic Wandering two three-day Go City Cards to the destination of their choice (valued at about $100.00-$180.00 each, depending on the city chosen). The cities offered are:

Blue Ridge, North Carolina
Boston, Massachusetts
Chicago, Illinois
Los Angeles, California
Miami, Florida
Oahu, Hawaii
Orlando, Florida
San Diego, California
San Francisco, California
Seattle, Washington
Toronto, Ontario

To win these two three-day Go City Cards: Simply leave a comment letting me know which of the above cities you would most like to explore with one of these cards. I will use to choose a winner on Friday, June 17, and that winner will receive two Go City Cards to the city they’ve chosen. The cards expire approximately one year after the winner is drawn, but once the three-day cards are actually activated, they must be used over the course of the following three days. The way I figure it is that you can use these cards during your summer vacation; over Thanksgiving, Christmas or Spring Break of next year; during a long weekend; to immerse yourself in somewhere new or explore your own hometown if you live in one of these destinations.

My own personal rule is this: My husband can’t enter this contest, but family, friends and readers worldwide are welcome to enter.

If you win, I’d love to know if you enjoyed your Go City Card experience once you’ve had a chance to use them!

Good luck!

UPDATE: We just drew a winner for this contest, and drew number 11. Our winner for the two three-day Go City passes is Abby! Thanks to everyone for participating!

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Contest: Win Two Three Day Go City Cards
JoAnna is a globe-trotting, idea-inventing, culture-collecting creativity connoisseur with big dreams and a desire to touch all seven continents. You can also find JoAnna at and at The 52 Letters Project.

41 Responses

  1. Christina says:

    I’ve never heard of the Go City Card but it sounds fantastic.

    I would love to use them to explore:
    Toronto and Seattle

    Thanks for the heads up on this.

  2. Kia says:

    Ooooh, these look like a super fantastic idea! Contemplating a Seattle visit now!

  3. Leigh says:

    I always do the same old things in Seattle. A Go City Card for Seattle would send me in some new directions. I love the fact the contest is open to people on a worldwide basis. I’ll mention it in my Fabulous Friday post.

  4. Tough choice, but I’m going with Boston. That way I can squeeze in a ball game between Go City stops. Thanks for the contest!

  5. Alouise says:

    These cards sound like a great idea. I’d love to go back to Seattle and explore that city again. I’ve also always wanted to go to San Fransisco.

  6. Rebecca Stinson says:

    I’d love to visit and explore all the cities, but if I had to choose I’d use the Go City cards for Boston or San Francisco.

  7. Great idea for a contest! I’d like to enter and pick Miami. I’m going there in the fall for the first time and can’t wait to see what the city has to offer.

  8. Stephanie Vobornik says:

    I have used the cards on my trip to San Diego a few years ago. I loved it and would recommend it to others. They are a great value and simple to use. I would explore Chicago if I won the cards. Although it is so close to home for me I’ve never taken the chance to explore and that would give me a great opportunity for a long weekend get away!

  9. Carol says:

    I would love a selection of things to do while visiting Seattle, San Francisco, or Oahu!!

  10. Pamela Wolfe says:

    Tough decision, but I’d choose San Diego, California.

  11. Abby says:

    Great contest, JoAnna!! I’d have to choose LA because it’s the closest city, so I know I’d actually use it. And also because I left LA under some testy circumstances — this would be my chance to fall in love with it all over again!

  12. Cam says:

    San Franscico California!

  13. Pola says:

    San Fransisco :)

  14. Jade says:

    I’d love the San Fran one! Fun!

  15. Becky Gillespie says:

    I would love the one for San Diego. It’s my hometown, but there are many “touristy” things I’ve never experienced.

  16. Fiona says:

    What a great idea! I’ve been meaning to accompany my husband on a trip to Toronto for some time.

  17. Emily says:

    I would love to win a pair for Seattle! My husband and I plan to go there for the first time at the end of the summer in addition to Vancouver as our delayed honeymoon. We got married in March but weren’t able to take a real honeymoon since he’s in law school. It would be awesome to have the Go City Cards to save us money!

  18. I’m not entering the contest, since I’m not going to North America this year. But Blue Ridge, North Carolina… wow, never even heard of it. That’s a major draw in itself. Just googled it and it looks beautiful.

  19. Kieron says:

    Oahu, Hawaii — it’s the first destination on our RTW in two months time!

  20. Alison says:

    I would love to use the cards in Seattle!

  21. Nicole says:

    Cool contest. Will be on the look out for these when I get to North America later this year!

    If I had to choose one it would be Chicago, no.. Boston, wait a second Toronto. Yes, certainly Toronto! (For something a bit different!)

  22. Molly says:

    Chicago would be awesome — I love the planetarium

  23. I am planning on taking my 6 yearold son to Disneyland in October. So it would be great to have a pass to see other places in LA/ San Diego area.

  24. Steve Coombs says:

    Of the locations listed, I would love to explore the following two most:

    Miami, Florida
    Toronto, Ontario

    (A close 3rd would have been Seattle, Washington)


  25. Since I live in Oahu, Hawaii, I’d love the opportunity to have a staycation here and use the Go City Card! But San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston sound fabulous as well. =)

  26. Blue Ridge, North Carolina

    What a fun contest!

  27. Deb says:

    I would like to use Toronto Ontario. I need to be tourist in my hometown.

  28. Jill says:

    Have to go for Toronto. Got to the Botanical Garden once but didn’t stay in town any longer. A beautiful city from the little I saw.

  29. Corina says:

    Would love love love this in Toronto or LA !!

  30. Gray says:

    Sounds very convenient. I’d use the card in San Diego. I’m pretty good at cramming in a lot of sightseeing in a couple of days. :-)

  31. Tori Tango says:

    I would love to se Seattle! I’ve used one of these passes before and they make things so easy :-)

  32. Jordan says:

    I would love to explore Seattle!

  33. Jeremy says:

    Boston and Seattle! Manifest Destiny for the win!

  34. We go to Seattle a lot for my medical appointments. It would be fun to do other things over there.

  35. suki says:

    Boston or Chicago! :)

  36. Andrei says:

    I’d definitely like to explore Oahu, Hawaii with one of these cards.

  37. Wow, this is an awesome contest. I would have to say Chicago would be my pick. I was just there last wk (may be a potential city to move to) and I didnt get to explore enough!

  38. michelle says:

    oahu and chicago!

  39. Diane Schade says:

    Seattle would be great my husband and I will be there
    for some fun and business in July

  40. Kimberly says:

    I have lived in Chicago for years and unless I have a visitor in town I never seem to splurge on the sights expressly for my own enjoyment. I would love to gain the opportunity to explore my splendid Chicago all day long for three days straight!

  41. JoAnna says:

    We just drew a winner for this contest, and drew number 11. Our winner for the two three-day Go City passes is Abby! I’ll be in touch with you soon, Abby, about getting the passes to you. Thanks to everyone for participating!

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