A Night at aloft Hotel

A Night at aloft HotelI arrived in Denver, Colorado, at 10:00 p.m. after having been stuck in Costa Rica for nearly two days due to a flight cancellation. I was tired, frustrated and out of clean clothes … so I was pleasantly surprised when the airport shuttle dropped me off at aloft Hotel. I’d never heard of aloft Hotels before, but I’m glad my could-be-crappy situation turned into a great stay.

It turns out that the aloft Hotels chain falls under the Starwood Hotels brand, and the one I stayed at in Denver wasn’t unique or boutique by any stretch of imagination, but these hotels are fun, hip and very, very cool. My room was modern, clean and sleek with long lines, bold patterns and open spaces. It’s the only hotel room I’ve ever been in where the bathroom and bedroom were back-to-back. There were large windows on both sides of the television that opened over the pool area, which meant that I could actually look out the windows without having to roll over onto my side.

A Night at aloft HotelThe amenities were superb too. There’s no generic soap here. Instead, I got to indulge in bliss products, which I love. Also, in addition to a coffee maker and ironing board, there were magazines in the room! And not the local travel marketing stuff. Nope. At aloft, I had both Spin and National Geographic Traveler in my room.

I slept like a baby (probably knowing that I’d have some time to work in the morning before heading back to the airport to catch my final flight home), and in the morning I went down to explore the lobby. Classic rock was playing in the lobby, and the guy working behind the front desk (just a circular deal set up in the middle of the room) was singing along. A scrolling marquee in the lobby displayed the morning news and huge pieces of modern art hung on the wall. A few people lounged in the lobby. With large windows and sunlight pouring in, it was kind of the perfect place to sip a cup of joe.

A Night at aloft HotelA sleek bar, open in the evenings, was in one corner of the room, and a fun breakfast counter was open in the other. The ala carte menu offered a selection of pastries, fruit, a limited choice of hot selections and beverages. Most items ran $3.00-$5.00.

I chatted with the guy working at the front desk for a few minutes about the hotel. He said he enjoyed working for aloft, and I can see why. It seems as though the personnel and management styles were as creative and fun as the interior of the hotel itself. I was a bit bummed to learn aloft Hotels is a chain (I was sort of hoping I’d come across a one-of-a-kind property), but knowing there are others scattered across the country and the world (73 in total!) makes me hopeful that I’ll run into another one some day.

Located at16470 East 40th Circle, Aurora, Colorado. Rates start at $159.00/night.

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A Night at aloft Hotel
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  1. I love Denver! I think it’s becuase I saw CO Rockies Carlos Gonzalez hit fot the cycle there. I’ll have to go back and try the hotel. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. JoAnna says:

    You’re welcome! If you stay at aloft, let me know what you think!

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