Tips for Staying Eco-Friendly in Hotels

Tips for Staying Eco Friendly in Hotels

Yes, that title is correct. I did not mean to say “Tips for Staying in Eco-Friendly Hotels.” That is because, though there is a movement in the hotel industry to “go green,” it’s hard to say what exactly that means or how to judge whether your choice for lodging really is as environmentally friendly as it can be.

I admit to staying at an eco-resort or two that left a bit to be desired, but there have also been a few hotels that exceeded expectations. One thing I have learned, though, is that, if you can’t pick a green hotel or eco-friendly place to stay when you travel, you can at least make personal choices that limit wastefulness. A friend of mine, who travels frequently for business, contacted me about this issue, and I agree with her wholeheartedly that responsible traveling begins with the traveler. I’d like to share her ideas, as well as some of mine, on how you can stay eco-friendly at a hotel, whether your lodgings are or not.

Use your Do Not Disturb sign to keep housekeeping out. I’ve never stayed in a single hotel room for longer than a week, and for one week, I choose not to have my towels or sheets changed. Despite my attempts to leave notes asking housekeeping to avoid washing my linens, they are frequently changed anyway. This is my own fault as I write my notes in English, not the local language. Now, to avoid frustration, I simply ask hotel staff to stay out of my room so that towels and sheets are not stripped and washed.

Minimize towel usage. Use one large towel and one floor mat. Don’t use the hand towel, and wipe your hands on your bath towel instead. Use the same washcloth in the shower and at the sink. The bad news is that hotels will be washing all of these after your stay anyway, so stack all the unused towels together and leave a note for housekeeping when you leave that states that those towels weren’t used. Maybe, just maybe, they won’t be washed needlessly.

Turn the air conditioning up. In tropical destinations, I’ve noticed that many hotel room thermostats are set somewhere between Arctic Chill and Unbelievably Frigid. Consider turning your air conditioning to about 80F/26C (or turn it off altogether!), and turn the fan to low or off. Instead, sleep with fewer covers in order to remain comfortable throughout the night.

Tips for Staying Eco Friendly in HotelsDon’t waste soap. If you choose to open a bar of soap during your stay, open only one and transfer it between the shower and the sink.

Open only the toiletries you plan to use. Although some hotels are starting to use refillable containers for shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion, the vast majority still provide small plastic bottles that are complimentary for guests. If you want to use these amenities, feel free to use them during your stay, but take the bottles with you when you leave so that you can finish the product. If you use a discernible amount of liquid and you leave the bottle behind, it will be thrown away and the bottle will probably not be recycled. Don’t open anything you don’t plan to use.

Turn off the lights. Hotel rooms are awash in lights. Bathroom lights, hallway lights, bedside lights, reading lamps, etc., etc. Only turn on what you need when you are in the room, and turn them all off when you leave.

Avoid overindulgence at the buffet. If you are staying at an all-inclusive resort or have access to a breakfast buffet, avoid the temptation to grab items “just for a taste.” Unfortunately, the food on many buffet lines is just dumped in the garbage at the end of the meal, but you can help curb overproduction by only taking what you plan on eating.

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Tips for Staying Eco Friendly in Hotels
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Tips for Staying Eco Friendly in Hotels

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12 Responses

  1. Abbie says:

    These are great tips! It does make me happy to see that many more chain hotels are at least making an effort by posting signs asking people to hang up towels they want to reuse and throw dirty ones on the floor.

  2. Gray says:

    Excellent tips, JoAnna. I have gotten into the habit of keeping housekeeping out of my room, too. With all the supplies they stock in the average hotel room, I’m all set for the duration of my stay. I reuse the same towels at home for a week – why not in my hotel room?

  3. JoAnna says:

    I agree! It’s definitely a step in the right direction. Now, if only more would start offering amenities in refillable bottles versus plastic ones!

  4. Laura says:

    Great tips! I can’t stand when people leave the lights on when they leave the room. It’s so easy to just switch them off!

  5. Alicia says:

    This is an amazing move for the hotel industry. I believe having this going Eco-friendly drive is a very important drive for them especially so that we are actually facing a very serious problem with our ecosystem. I just hope this will be successfully implemented in the near future.

  6. JoAnna says:

    So easy! A lot of people forget to do this in their own homes too. It’s the little things that can add up.

  7. JoAnna says:

    I agree, Alicia. I think more people are demanding that businesses working in the hospitality industry step up and take responsibility for their actions when it comes to the environment, but I also think that guests at hotels can do a lot to address that issue as well, which is why I wrote this post. It’s a two-way street, and I think that if both the hotels and visitors at those hotels do their part to help address the environmental issue, the earth will be a better place for it.

  8. Joanna says:

    This is a good list! Sometimes staying in hotels makes people take longer showers, leave the TV on, and be more wasteful than they normally would at home, because they don’t feel accountable to anyone. Just keeping these thoughts in mind helps a lot, I think.

  9. JoAnna says:

    I agree! Some people tend to leave their sense of responsibility at home, but it’s not that hard to shut off the lights or reuse your towel, just like you would at home.

  10. Tessha says:

    Nice one JoAnna :) And another tip — use only one garbage can in the room if they are plastic bag lined — rather than spreading your small ammount of trash between 2 or 3 bins. That saves on plastic bin liners.

  11. JoAnna says:

    Great tip regarding the garbage cans, Tessha. And thanks for the nudge to get this post written! It’s such an important topic.

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